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(Stolen directly from the instructions given at the full staff meeting I attended yesterday - give your name and your favorite Halloween costume.  I've expanded it a little...)

My name is Rebecca, and my favorite Halloween costume was when I went as the Headless Horseman in grade school.  I rigged my brother's football shoulder pads like a hat and got a long trench coat to button over the top of them, and carried my mom's wig stand around all day.

Other Halloween costumes of note from my childhood included: the classic witch, a flapper, an angel (recycling a holiday pageant look), and a lumberjack. 

Since I've been a grown up I tend to go with things that are less obviously a costume, but instead me looking like a funhouse-mirror version of me.  Like wearing my mom's LBD from the late 60's with the brunette bob wig she had bought at the time, which has made people shocked that I cut my hair or inspired at least one person to tell me I should dress like that all the time.

These days my standard Halloween costume is to dress punk/goth (continuing the me, but not quite me theme).  I own a lot of black clothes and safety pins which I combine, and then do my makeup and hair in a way that is much too labor intensive for every day but is always a little bit tempting to maintain.  I like the feeling of being just a half-step removed from my regular self for a day.  Perhaps enough small steps will take me somewhere entirely new.

What is/was your favorite Halloween costume?

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Yay! glad you're playing again this season!!!! Welcome back!!!!

I'm a little worried about having enough time, but I figured I'd regret not starting it. Besides, all the cool kids seem to be doing it.

That's right. And you want to be one of the cool kids, don't you? :-p

My favorite costume is one I saw at the bus-stop once. It was a man wearing a nun's habit over a pair of pinstripe trousers and carrying a briefcase. When I asked him what he was, can you guess his answer?

I cannot, and I need to know. I'm trying to come up with a pun about a nun giving him the business, but it's just not working.

Nun of your business.


The Headless Horseman costume sounds *very* cool! I was never that creative.

"I like the feeling of being just a half-step removed from my regular self for a day. Perhaps enough small steps will take me somewhere entirely new." Ooh... I like that a lot.

I was really proud of that costume, though it made being in classes pretty much useless for the day.


Well i like my sexy Alice from Alice in Wonderland costume this year :3. Welcome baaaack!

Whew, that sounds like quite the costume!

As far as I can remember, I've only dressed up once for Halloween. But when I was a kid, I envied my American peers for getting to do so every year AND getting candy for their efforts ^_~

It was fun, but a lot of work. I gave up on trick or treating in the fourth grade, and instead helped Mom shop for the candy we handed out and claimed all the leftovers.

Welcome back! I love this take - Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! :)

Good luck!

Thanks! The intro thing is always hard, I decided to try picking one thing this season instead of trying to cover a wider range.

I haven't often dressed up as an adult, but as a kid I had a great gypsy costume one year that might have been my favorite. Other years I went as a black cat- boring or classic, depending on your perspective.

I think I did gypsy once as a kid too, I remember being excited to wear makeup. Black cats are cute, I would go with classic.

This year is my first! I bought fairy wings on ebay to go with a pretty dress and my red Mary Janes :D

I hope your first year dressed up for Halloween goes well for you! Your outfit sounds cute.

Girl Wonder was my favorite Halloween costume. :)

Hello and good luck!

Somehow I've never dressed up as a super hero, which is weird given my comic book collection. Huh.

Hello back to you.

I hope I've opened your eyes to the experience! :D

A WITCH. Look forward to reading your entries.

But were you a sexy witch like your icon?

My favorite was in '97 and I made my own costume. It was a remote control, and I cut the cardboard, cut out the little foam squares, used glow-in-the-dark glue to write the numbers (power, mute, volume, and channel changers as well). I won 2nd place in the school costume contest during the party that happened after school that day, it was lots of fun. ^^

That sounds cool. I always like the costumes that people put together on their own better than the ones that come out of a bag.

I agree! You get a little insight to them as a person, as well, depending on what it is, what they used to make the costume. :)

I wish I were better at dressing up -- this year I went as an apathetic college student, last year -- a black widow spider. OK but my friends are MUCH better at dressing up than me...

fun question in your intro!

One year when I had no ideas I just wore my pajamas and carried a teddy bear. Apathy has its place.

Welcome back!!! I am very happy to see you returning this season!

It's fun to see how many of us have chosen to go through this torture again.

That headless horseman does sound like a cool costume. I can't say I've had one that creative.

I don't remember why I decided I wanted to do that, but for several years both my brother and I invented our costumes from the Goodwill and around the house.

Janis Joplin, two years. Yes I sang "Mercedes Benz." Yes it was fabulous!

Awesome! Costumes that come with singing are even more fun.

(Deleted comment)
I love it when people can turn a phrase into a costume, my brain doesn't work that way. Very cool!

I like your Halloween choices much better than the ones I saw this year.

Sexy Nurse.
Sexy Cat Girl.
Sexy Sesame Street Character.

Simultaneously slutty and adorable. :O

LOL, which sesame street character?

Search for sexy big bird. The sad part is there are two different versions of that costume out there.

That doesn't even look like Big Bird. I suppose this one is better. But, um, still wrong. WTF? o.O

Even in the full staff meeting several people's favorite costume was 'sexy something'. Which seems like an odd choice for work..

Welcome back!

My favorite costume is one I've never done--I've wanted to be Velma from Scooby Doo for years, but never seem to get it together!

It's good to see you too.

Velma would be fun. To find the right pieces you'd probably have to make a few Goodwill visits but it's totally doable.

sounds like you have a lot of fun with costumes!

my favourite costume was in 2008...i made a costume of a Whammy, one of the little red cartoon characters who stole all your money in the Press Your Luck game show. i dyed a shirt and pants magenta, and made a horribly-eighties-yellow cape, dollar-sign-superhero-chest, and burglar mask. i carried fake money, and spent the entire Greenwich Village Halloween parade cackling and saying Whammy quotes in a high-pitched voice.

that was fun.

I remember press your luck, that costume sounds hysterical!

Nice to see you back here. My fave costume as a kid was my gypsy-fortuneteller get up from around 6th grade.
As an adult I go in a cat outfit which is made up of "regular" clothes for diff weather conditions. I can go as easy, like for work, or as hard core cat, as in Broadway type make up as I want or need!
Functional with options.

I like the idea of a basic costume that you can then put as much or as little time into as you want. Very smart.
It's nice to see you back as well. Part of the fun of returning is recognizing folks.

I love Halloween, just in general, especially since it's shortly after my birthday.

I think my favorite costume when I was a kid was when I was Laura from Little House on the Prairie. My mother made me a bonnet and apron, and she kept it, and gave it to my daughter. Of course, my daughter needed to be a dragon because some boy in her class said girls can't be dragons. :P

Much as I love those books it never occurred to me to dress up as Laura, which is a little strange. Hand me down costumes are fun, my flapper outfit had been my aunt's.

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