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A few things...
- We start tech tonight.  Everything on this show seems to take longer than it should, and I'm guessing this weekend will be no exception.  I brought my coloring book so I am ready.

- I didn't get the job.  I'm okay with this, while I think it would have been fun it wasn't necessarily a great career move.  I've been pondering work and career stuff a lot lately, I may write that all down at some point this weekend.

- I keep coming up with  more topics to write on for this LJ idol prompt, but I've already written and submitted my entry.  I've been trying not to procrastinate, but maybe I should start holding on to things for a day or two to see what else might pop out of my brain. 

- I am now free for the half-marathon I planned to run in Fresno in Nov which is great.  Of course this means I have to get organized about that, and get serious about my training.

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Aw, crap, I'm sorry you didn't get the fucking job after all that hoo-hah. Geez.

I know, after all the hoops you'd think they'd at least give me a cookie to go with the badly written email. At least I can snark on the HR person's bad grammar.

sorry to hear about the job. :( will be curious to read your work and career ponderings, whenever.

color! I'm going to dig some old coloring books out of my closet. or maybe drop by the asian dollar store.


Sorry about the job, but if it wasn't leading anywhere, then maybe it's for the best.

I would think taking a few days before posting your entry would be a good.
I hope you get your extra vote this week!

Thanks. Yeah, I was starting to ponder how to turn them down, so not getting the offer is okay.

It's been too long since I've written formally for anything, I keep forgetting about the revision step. And I've already gotten my extra vote this week - which is very happy.

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