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Gratitude for the week's end
This has been a week of various small frustrations.  So I thought I would end it* by remembering five good things.

I am grateful for:
1)  primary rehearsals being done for this show - we opened last night
2)  my boyfriend**
3)  floors with 1' square tiles
4)  the likely schedule change that will allow me to run the silicon valley half-marathon in two weeks
5) doublestick tape

*My weeks run Monday to Sunday.  That is what comes of living on an AEA schedule for so long.
**One specific story.  When I got to my boyfriend's just after midnight on Friday night he had just hooked his speakers back up to his computer, and was listening to music.  We ended up dancing in the kitchen to Sinatra.  *grin*

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(Deleted comment)
Those both made my life easier at the theatre this week, though they're certainly both a bit obscure.

Double sided tape now holds up the poster than an actor has to put up in the action of a scene. It holds it strongly enough to finally stop his whining that putting up a poster is hard.

The tile is in the rehearsal hall that we had to quickly tape out. (Taping out = using bright colored 1/4" tape to indicate the walls and floor of a set so that the actors can have the correct space to work in when not on stage.) When the floor is 1' square tiles you don't need to use tape measures, you can just count tiles.

YES to doublestick tape

Double stick tape is awesome. As are post-it notes.

And *squee* for dancing to Sinatra.

There have been a few small *squee* moments in the last week - makes me happy.

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