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LJ Idol voting for week 4

It's that time of week again, when the LJ Idol poll is live.  They've changed it up a bit this week,  you can only vote if you are a member of therealljidol  community -- but you do not have to play the game to vote, you just have to join the community.

The poll is found here:

and I'm still in tribe two.  Thanks!

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Well, that's annoying. I voted and I hope you make it to the next round. I assume that they only eliminate one person per tribe each week? If so, it's going to take quite a while to finish.

They do that occasionally to eliminate the advantage that people with really large flists have.

They are eliminating one person a week per tribe, but right now we've had 3-5 people not making the weekly deadline too. 192 people signed up and we're down to 149 with this poll after four weeks.

But yeah, to get all the way down to one will take a while.

Thanks for taking the time to join and vote for me. It's greatly appreciated.

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