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- The LJ Idol topic this week is 'open' so I can write about anything I want.  That makes it a little harder.  I was talking to J about it and he suggested that I write about awesomeness and use him as my primary example.  Heh.  I have an idea, but it's pretty silly.

- It's the beginning of a new week at the show.  May this week have significantly less drama than last week.

- My knees are bugging me a bit - which is annoying timing given that the race is this Sunday.  So I am being extra nice to them.

- I broke down and scheduled myself a massage for this afternoon.  Hopefully my shoulders will manage to drop a few inches from my ears when it is over.

- I haven't seen any of Heroes yet this season.  It premiered with a 2 hour episode at a time when I didn't have two continuous hours for tv, and since then I keep wanting to find enough time to do it all at once.  But I am thinking of just walking away.  From what I have been hearing about season three it is more exciting but makes less sense, which will make me cranky.  I am already watching a lot of tv (no surprise) and I am not missing Heroes at the moment.  So I'm thinking of deleting it off my tivo and letting it go.  What do you think?

I really just want to go back to bed - but I have things to do today before the show.  Boo.
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