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(no subject)

- I have acheived a personal LJ goal:  My LJ Idol post this week has enough comments that the comment thread did its collapsy thing!  None of my entries have ever done that before.  I know it's a silly thing to be excited about, but it's the little things.

-  I had a deep tissue massage on Tuesday.  I asked her to concentrate on my neck and shoulders, which she did.  And it hurt.  But things feel more normal now, I have some range of motion back that I haven't had in a month.  I am trying to decide it it's worth the money to go back again next week and break the knots down even more.

- The haircut yesterday looks good.  It turns out my hairstylist really likes my hair longer too, so J is thrilled that she is on his 'side'.  I have a photo of the new hair from yesterday when it was still styled on my cell, if I can re-figure out how to transfer it I will post.

-  My stomach is still being weird.  I'm not sick, but I have been feeling low-grade nauseous on and off for the last two weeks.  I don't think I've been eating anything new, so I'm not sure what could be causing this, but it's annoying.

-  I got a txt this morning from J asking if I preferred creamy or chunky peanut butter.  (I usually have PB toast for breakfast and he's out, so I asked yesterday if he would please get some more when he was at the store.)  It's just so domestic, which made me really happy.  More little things.

- I went with womanplus to pick up our race packets this morning.  Tomorrow morning, 7am, we're running a half-marathon.  I keep telling myself that since I'm not feeling 100%, and my training wasn't quite as tight as it was earlier this summer, that I shouldn't worry about time.  But I still really want to set a new PR, so 2:19:57 is the time to beat.

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My stomach is still being weird.

This happened to me a few years ago. It corrected itself eventually, but sure was annoying until then. I suspect now it may have been an ulcer. (Alternatively...have you peed on a stick?)

have you peed on a stick?)
Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrhhhhhhh!! Or um, no. My period is due to start this week so I will wait a few days before going down that rabbit hole.

My current thought is that I will do a two day liquid fast once this show closes - see if I can reset whatever is being odd. An ulcer hadn't occurred to me but that would certainly be a possibility.

I will do a two day liquid fast once this show closes...

Sounds fun. What does that entail, exactly?

And those sticks thatcha pee on are expensive, as I understand it. Probably smart to wait.

I'm in tech and it's delightful to connect with someone who doesn't ask me "Are we continuing on?" every 5 minutes. How're you?

Also, where'd you go to get that deep tissue massage? Because I suspect I'll be needing one for myself soon.

I'm good. At that lovely point in the run of this show where I get on headset and say "Did I call 10 minutes?" and no one else knows either. Wheee!

The liquid fast I was looking at is the 'master cleanse' thing that Ckelly does occasionally. Officially it's for weight loss, but then you're supposed to do it for 12 days, which is not going to happen. You drink water (8oz) mixed with 2tbsp lemon juice, 2 tbsp maple syrup, and a little cayenne pepper. Pretty much as much of that as you want.

I went to the Massage Therapy Center on California in PA. It's a teaching group so things are nicely low key. They have two tiers of masseuse, and the deep tissue is a higher tier so pricy but I've never gotten a bad massage there.

(Deleted comment)
It occurred to me to. I just really don't think (and really don't want) that to be the answer. J's roomate tried to make a joke about that once when I wasn't feeling great - I was amused but J not so much.

Good luck tomorrow.

Thank you! I'm going to think happy thoughts.

Congrats on the comments, looking forward to the picture, and good luck on the halfie!

Thanks, if I ever figure out how to get it to the computer and thanks!

I'll be thinking of you this morning as you run! Have fun. :) And let us know how it turns out!

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