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and the time is....

I have a knot in my right hamstring that I cannot get out, my knees are starting to get a little achy, and I'm about to call today's matinee.  Thank God it's possible to stand and call in this booth - I have a feeling I'll be doing some interesting stretches during the show.  But it's another PR, and this year's finisher's medals are beyond cool.
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Congratulations!! That's awesome and inspiring. I hope your legs forgive you soon. Way to go.

Thanks so much! I deep standing up to stretch every 15 minutes or so, everything is fine so far.

YAY! I'm glad it went well.

Hope the stretching works.

Thanks - I'm still excited.

So far the stretching is working, and later tonight there is a hot tub to visit.

Don't mind me, it's just Day 4 of tech.

Was that your race that effed up my commute into San Jose for tech this morning? I hate that San Jose routinely closes streets down whenever they feel like it. Some of us work on the weekends, dammit!

Congratulations, though!

Re: Don't mind me, it's just Day 4 of tech.

Yup, that was my race. They really need to do a better job of communicating to the community what is going on - there was some poor guy who just wanted to get out of his driveway when I went by, I'm guessing he was stuck for at least 30 minutes.


Re: Don't mind me, it's just Day 4 of tech.

The race was brought up at our production meeting last night, but we were informed the Almaden Blvd exit from 280 would long be unblocked by our 11:30a call time. It sure was still blocked then, but fortunately only a few actors were late because of it.

San Jose is also the city that erected a huge blue tent in their open-air parking lot on First and Balbach so they could have more events for people to attend...but then made it harder for people to find parking for those events because they erected a goddamn tent in one of their open-air parking lots.

Re: Don't mind me, it's just Day 4 of tech.

Hrm, if that's the exit I'm thinking of when I ran past the sign posted there said closed from 6a - 1p, I wonder where the person who informed you got their info.

And yeah, it seems that SJ does not always think these things through.

Is today a day off for you? AMTSJ always works such an odd schedule to me that I can't remember. But I'm hoping so for your sake.

Re: Don't mind me, it's just Day 4 of tech.

I hate that goddamn blue tent. That's where Ms. Clinton had a big hoo-hah that fucked up our tech at the opera.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you so much.

And I love your icon - hee!

A new record!! Well done!

(edited because I'm silly and didn't understand that PR = personal record)

Edited at 2008-10-26 11:42 pm (UTC)

Thanks so much!

(that's okay - I forget that PR isn't a standard abbreviation for most folks.)

Congratulations on the personal best!

I hope things weren't too bad for you during the matinee. Get well.

Thank you.

I spent a lot of time on my feet doing stretchy things during the matinee. Today I am still a little bit stiff, mostly my hamstrings and calves, but am surprisingly okay.

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