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The end of daylight savings time this morning coincides with my entire life changing gears.

The show I have been working on has its closing performance later today (this is a good thing).  Tomorrow I start work back at Klutz, I'll be out in the warehouse for the holiday season.

My schedule for the last month has been working 6-11p Tues-Fri, and Noon-11p Sa-Su, with Mondays off.

For the next six weeks I'll be working 8:30a-5p Mon-Fri, with some probable overtime along the way.

One hour of daylight savings is not an issue when I will be downshifting my entire life from second to first.  Whee!

I am also moving from a job with constant internet access and the time to surf, to a job that will be spent on my feet with computer access only at lunch break.  So I have a feeling I will be around a little less.  But we'll see.
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