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Moving my internal clock to a first shift schedule has not been that bad so far.  I am now very grateful for the end of DSL, right now it is light out when I have to wake up which helps a lot.
I had forgotten how tiring it is to be on my feet for eight hours a day.  I am sore every evening.  I can't tell yet if I should think about getting new shoes (or you know, new feet) or if I'll be fine once my body finishes adjusting.
There is something hugely satisfying about working with my hands.  Today we rearranged 16 or so pallets of boxes of books, alphabatizing the stock so that when the rush hits everything will be easier to find.  It took us just under three hours, and some of the boxes are hugely heavy.  But this is exactly right for my current mood - tasks that have a right way to do them, that take physical effort, and that show physical results when we're done.  In a month or so I'm sure I'll be desperate to sit at a desk in front of a computer again but right now the warehouse is exactly where I should be.
Gas has dropped to below $3 a gallon at my neighborhood stations.  I thought they had thrown out all of the big twos after we hit $4.50 this summer. 
As I'm sure you've heard, prop 8 passed in California.  I think there's only one thing to do.  Create a new propostion to be on the next statewide election ballot that will ban marriage in the state of California.  Sadly I don't have the political or legal know-how to make this happen, and of course it wouldn't pass.  But I'm damn sure there would be enough signatures to get it on the ballot.  And it would make for some very interesting discussions.
These numbers do give me hope.  In  2000 when the last prop banning same-sex marriage was on the ballot it passed with 61% of the vote.  Prop 8 passed with 52% of the vote.  Not that waiting is ideal, but time is turning the tide.  And a constitution amended can be amended again. 
The LJ Idol topic this week is hope.  I had nothing until last night when I finally had an idea.  But it is very strange.
The founder of Klutz bought us all lunch today in celebration.  Heh, no partisanship there.
J is away until Sunday night, helping his sister move states after her divorce.  I am grateful that I am dating a man who will be there for his family, even if selfishly I'm going to miss him.
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