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mirror girl  Rockwell
I have a weekend again.  Whee!  It's been really quiet which is lovely.

I had decided to try doing a fast for a day or two to reset, since my stomach has been cranky on and off for a while.  I looked around online and found the recipie for the 'master cleanse' system.  It's actually supposed to be a weight loss thing that you do for ten days.  You mix a cup of water with some maple syrup, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper, and have this six times a day, along with lots of water.  It seemed like a good alternative to a straight water fast so I thought I'd try it.  It's awful.  Drinking it was okay, but the aftertaste would make me gag.  I did make it through all day yesterday, but couldn't bear to continue it this morning.  Who knows if it did anything at all - but I suppose it was an exercise in willpower for the day.

I've barely left the apartment all weekend which is a nice change of pace.  Maybe it's a way of resetting my internal world.

I am also finally starting to watch netflix films again.  This weekend so far I've watched "Lawrence of Arabia" and "The Big Lebowski".  That makes sense, right?  heh.
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Those cleansing things sound awful and unhealthy. I mean, lemon juice and cayenne pepper? Is that just to give it a taste? Why does it always have cayenne pepper?

I have no idea - I think it's something about still getting some nutrients and calories - but it was awful. Without the pepper it might have been okay, but the syrup was really too sweet. I think I should have just stuck with the idea of doing a fast for a day and drinking lots of water.

But I am now wiser. So I suppose that's worth something. And I have a lot of lemons left.

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