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one to grow on
hit you

The proper two letter postal code abbreviation for the state of Maine is ME.

MA is Massachusettes.

Seriously this comes up at least once a day while I'm processing boxes out in the warehouse, and I assume at least some of these people actually live in Maine.


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And AK is Alaska. Arkansas is AR. Craziness!

Somehow those don't get confused nearly as often.

Maybe these people are those old-schoolers who refuse to believe that Maine and Massachusetts have separated.

That is one possibility. However the UPS computer has them as separate states so if they want their books they should get with the modern age.

A few years ago we had "I heart ME" tshirts. They were awesome.

And in our defense, sometimes computers switch up the abbreviations on us. Some websites have them in alphabetical order by state (where Maine comes before Massachusetts) and some have it alphabetical by abbreviation (where MA is before ME). I admit to choosing option A before when scrolling to the M's. But it is something one should notice immediately after screwing up.

The alphabetical thing totally makes sense. I was fixing the one package that came up as MA when it should have been ME today, and I noticed that in the UPS computer the states are in alphabetical order by abbreviation which puts Maine at the third M slot. That would be confusing and I will now cut the world a little more slack.

However, the package that was labled MN when the rest of the address (including the zip) was TX? Them I still get to make fun of.

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