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LJ Idol voting

So it's that Friday time again, when the LJ Idol poll is posted, and I remind the folks here that if you liked what I wrote this week (my yarn has decided to not speak to me at this point - the silent treatment never really works) to please head on over and vote for me.


I am still in the third tribe down - though that's three weeks now so I'm expecting a shakeup soon.

Also, several of the rants this week were really fabulous, if you have the time to read around the other entries, especially in my tribe, please do.  You can vote for as many people as you want.

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I actually read more of the enteries than I expected to. There was one in the first tribe about TV that I really enjoyed.

Yay! I'm still making my way through the entries, I'm about halfway done. I don't think I've hit a TV entry yet, I'll have to keep an eye out.

It gets easier to read more of them as there are fewer of us. We're already down to 106 contestants.

It took me a minute to find, but it was this one.

Thanks for hunting it down. That one is a lot of fun, I will add it to my list of voting.

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