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I got to spend all day yesterday with J, it was the first time we've had the same day off since late August.  It was a wonderful thing. 

I jokingly asked him how I should wear my hair for the day and he quickly answered "in braided pigtails".
"Why that?" I asked.
"It's cute, and then I can pull them which satisfies the seven year old boy in me."
So I wore my hair in pigtails.  And he occasionally pulled them.
I have started logging all of my meals at Sparkpeople again.  I had taken a pause from the site after the race I ran in early August that ended up lasting until a week ago.  During that pause I regained some of the weight I had managed to take off.  Boo.  For me sparkpeople is less about being on a diet than simply being aware.  For example, the salad I get when I go to Boston Market turns out to be 1100 calories.  So not okay.
I also got moving again last week, going back to yoga and running for the first time since the most recent race.  It seems less vital to be setting aside exercise time when I'm working on my feet all day - but it felt good.
My big plans for later today include picking up my custom-made hula hoop.  Whee!

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Aw...you two are so cute.

What did you have custom made on your hula hoop?

A friend of Tanya's (head of wardrobe) makes them from scratch. So I got one in a happy size for me, that is shiny purple with purple, white, and burgundy colored tape striping around it. It's kind of unnecessary but so much cooler than a store bought one.

Immediately before reading your post I was musing that I want a hula hoop! Intense!

Seriously, IS there some hula hoop craze I don't know about???

I'm not aware of one, but maybe there is some government conspiracy for implanting the idea in our brains through subliminal messages. Cause seriously, the need for a hula hoop just popped into my head minutes before reading this post.

Well, I think everyone should have a hula hoop. But you can't have mine. I will share though. heh

Is there some hula hoop craze I don't know about? Some girls were hula hooping downstairs the other night.

Not that I know of. A friend of a friend makes them in custom colors and sizes and I decided I had to have one. Besides - they are good for the abs (that's the adult part of my brain). And it's shiny and purple and no one but me has one like it!!!(that's the six year old part).

(Deleted comment)
A friend of a friend makes them. So you get to pick the size, and the basic color scheme, and then she creates you a one-of-a-kind hula hoop. Also the tubing is a little thicker than in most store bought ones, and there isn't a noise maker inside (for stealth hooping apparently).

So I have a shiny purple hula hoop all my own. It makes me happy.

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