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LJ Idol, week 9 vote.

Once again it's time for the weekly LJ Idol vote.  Polls are open until Tuesday at 1p EST this time.


Please head over to vote for me if you enjoyed my story about starting the fourth grade down an arm.  If you have a chance to keep reading others, please do.

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Maybe I'm just finding it harder to relate. Lot and lots of enteries on death and child birth, or just general life unpreparedness. I'm finding that I don't respond well to meta-entries or if the author writes sad/ vaugue entries week after week.

I like that you've had funny, contemplative and happy stories... that they aren't all the same.

Yeah, some topics bring out the death and parenthood stories a lot more. I try to read each entry on it's own merits, but I know there are some authors who always right such dark pieces that I end up reading new things with trepidation.

Thanks - I've been a little worried at my funnier stories, sometimes it seems like angst gets more votes. But I don't want to write the same thing every week.

Oh and another recommendation as I've done some more reading - I really liked darkprism's entry.

I did like that entry. I also really like alexprp in your tribe. Maybe I should try your method and read the entries as they are posted.

I know the ansty ones in the last tribe didn't get my vote, not because they might not be good, but by that time, I just didn't want to hear it.

I'm also impressed with some of the fiction writers.

I agree alexpgp has some great stories. Most people who've talked about how they read do what you're doing, and read them by tribes once the poll opens. I suppose either way works. I just want to be certain I don't miss any.

That's part of the reason I tend not to read too many in one sitting. I go for groups of 25 entries, and then I need to walk away for a while and do something else. It's good you weren't reading everything the week the topic was "saying goodbye". There was some beautiful stuff but oh the angst.

Do you write your entry before you start reading? I could see if you haven't started to write that you could read something and then find you have a story in a related vein... like a conversation.

Typically I try to write on Tuesday night before I read anything else, so I can be sure I'm not being influenced by other entries.

But some weeks when I'm having trouble thinking of something I browse other people's to help get ideas. I've also done a quick skim to make sure the idea I have hasn't already been used by too many people. (This week I had also written something about my grandmother passing, but after realizing that several people were using that general idea I used my other idea.)

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