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LJ Idol, week 9 vote.

Once again it's time for the weekly LJ Idol vote.  Polls are open until Tuesday at 1p EST this time.


Please head over to vote for me if you enjoyed my story about starting the fourth grade down an arm.  If you have a chance to keep reading others, please do.

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Do you write your entry before you start reading? I could see if you haven't started to write that you could read something and then find you have a story in a related vein... like a conversation.

Typically I try to write on Tuesday night before I read anything else, so I can be sure I'm not being influenced by other entries.

But some weeks when I'm having trouble thinking of something I browse other people's to help get ideas. I've also done a quick skim to make sure the idea I have hasn't already been used by too many people. (This week I had also written something about my grandmother passing, but after realizing that several people were using that general idea I used my other idea.)

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