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(no subject)
I left J's about five minutes earlier than usual this morning, so I could defeat the nasty Monday traffic and be to the office on the dot of 8:30am. 

I forgot that there would be people (and schools) taking this entire week off.

So traffic was a breeze and I am left with 15 minutes to kill upon arrival.  I could have hit snooze once more.  *sigh*

This takes care of several of those minutes.  Maybe I'll go get coffee....

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tricky business. A similar thing happened to me this morning, and then I had that brief moment of panic when everyone else was late for work that today was a holiday and no one told me.

But I'm super excited to only have to work 3 days this week. Woohoo!

There were other people at my office when I got here, so at least I knew I had the right day.

I'm only working 2.5 days this week, and then going with J to his dad's for the long weekend. Yay for short weeks!

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