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SF area locals

Bruce Campbell made an indie move called “My Name is Bruce”.  It didn’t get a distributor so he’s traveling around the country with a print of the film showing it, and doing a Q&A after.  And he’s coming to the Bay Area.  Oh yeah.

If you go to his website at  you can get all of the details.  The movie is here for two nights, one in SF and one in Berkeley, at a variety of times.  I am planning to go to the show in Berkeley on Thursday, Dec 18th @ 10pm.  (I need the commute time.)  It’s playing at the California theatre which is only blocks from the downtown Bart station.   

I was hoping to maybe catch up with people for dinner before hand – though I don’t know the area very well.    Once we know more about who will be there we can figure out plans for the evening.

The chance to (hopefully) see Bruce Campbell in person is too good to pass up.   Whee!


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