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Bruce Campbell on parade!

Hey Bay Area peeps - this Thursday is the showing of My Name is Bruce in Berkeley.  I have tickets to the 10pm show, and I will be in line for the movie by 9:30 with my boyfriend.  I will have my red and white stripy klutz umbrella with me for easier identification.  I won't be able to get north in time to meet folks for dinner - my day is crazy and J doesn't get off work until 7p-ish.  I'm bummed about that, but still hope to see some friendly faces at the movie.  Woo!

Also, a lot of folks on my flist aren't feeling the holidays this year - and I rather agree.  In that spirit this video amused me:


Watch to the end for Nathan Fillion!

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I can't go! :( I got the sickness, and it's not going away.

Ack! Better that you take care of yourself and get better soon.

We'll manage to meet up again some other time.

You know it! The girls (supremegoddess1 and stagger_lee77) will be here from 12/26-1/3, and I'm going to try to drag all locals to the Mint one night or something. Not to mention, if you find yourself coming to the city, let me know! I'd love to do coffee or something at least.

I also possibly have access to free movie passes. :)

Please do let me know if there's a gathering, I will try to make it up. I don't get into the city very often, but next time I do I'll be sure to let you know.

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