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I am back in rehearsal - today is day three.  I am spending a lot of time reminding myself that my job is to make other people's ideas work - whether or not they are good or logical (reading the play is always helpful) ones.  I am taking a lot of deep breaths.

Luckily because of the holiday weirdness only our first day was a late one - the other days all start at 10a which still feels like it's easy after six weeks of 8:30a in the warehouse.  But working this weekend is painful. 

My Name is Bruce on Thursday night was awesome!  It was a total failure as a planned social gathering, but the movie is great fun.  It's more silly than scary, and probably better the more of Bruce Campbell's oeuvre you've seen.  The Q&A after was also fun, he was personable and a little profane and answered every question posed including whether he preferred cake or pie.  (Pie was the answer, preferably key lime.) 

I got all of my holiday packages shipped last week, though the weather seems to have caused a few delays with stuff going to the midwest.  I still have knitting to finish but otherwise I am done.  I've done Christmas solo for several years in a row but J will be here this year, so we'll be spending my two days off together.  Yay! 

I finished my reading and voted for Idol yesterday, which mostly means I have that much more time to watch the polls.  I am curious to see what will happen next week - if we'll have a topic and full voting or not.
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