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catching up

- My holidays have been lovely. J's roomates were out of town so I moved up there for a week (I'm going home tonight for the first time since the 23rd) and we mostly just hung out. We went out to see Bolt on the 24th, and that night I went to hear the choir that my friend leads at their 11p service. Christmas day was also low-key - lots of phone calls to family in other places, cooking really good food, and movie watching. Going back to work on the 26th was difficult, J had the whole weekend off and I would have much preferred to stay home with him.

- I made J a hat for Christmas, and realized I'd have enough yarn left to make a scarf. Thus I began knitting frantically on the 24th - aiming to make a 7' long partially stripey scarf in six days (with apologies to knittingordeath, I used her recent black/red scarf as the inspiration for my stripes, and the fact that she finished hers in four days meant I knew I had a chance of getting done). The speed was due to a self-imposed deadline - J got on a plane this morning to go home to CO for a few days and I wanted him to have the scarf for the trip. I wove in the last few ends at 5:45 this morning, but I was able to wrap the scarf around his neck before he left.

- I have two parties to make it to on New Year's Eve. Part of me really just wants to spend a quiet night at home hibernating, but I know I will enjoy the socializing if I just get there.

- I had a great idea for an Idol entry for the free topic last week, about the grade school craft projects that were always assigned in December, with the idea that they'd end up as a present for your parents. In the first grade we each made a small burlap banner that said JOY, and I had to battle to get the color letters that I wanted. But I never found the time to write it down and make it make sense. And since it wasn't required...

- I haven't run since just before rehearsals started, the schedule change from Klutz to theatre was particularly rough this time, and I finally decided to let it go. The plan is to go back out on Friday. What I really need to do is find a 10k in late February to train for, but I don't think there's much happening.

- Rehearsals are rolling along, we've had our first runthru. The schedule to accomodate the holidays is weird, working on Mondays always feels wrong, but has to be done. There are various frustrations, but I am trying to stay more positive so venting seems counterproductive.  I will share one story from today however- we got an email from the props person with this question:
"I have on page 24 Webb also pulling out a notepad. Total I have Webb, Owen, and Ida all with notepads is that right? "
Um, the character is actually named Ida Webb so that would be only two people on her list (and the porter and conductor each have a notepad too). I burst out laughing when I read that, because the only other option would have involved a lot of blood, most of it not mine.

I hope your holidays have been happy thus far.

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No worries! It's all good about the scarf pattern. After all, I used your sewing machine to make the lining for my cable hook pouch and the dpn case I made this weekend. It's fun to share craftiness!

I'd love to see pictures of the scarf you made. What yarn did you use?

And I look forward to many detailed updates on that Train Show of yours.

Happy New Year!

The scarf and hat were both in classic red heart acrylic yarn. That is what the hat pattern had called for - I forgot how many colors there are at Michaels. Whee! I'll take pictures when the boy gets back from CO, I might even talk him into modeling them for me.

I'll have to do train show updates behind a lock - but I'll type one up soon.

Happy New Year to you as well!

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