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LJ Idol week 14 - resolute

The alarm goes off. It’s always a little too early. I would love to stay in my warm bed, or get up and just watch TV, or make myself a relaxed breakfast. But I do none of those things. I get out of bed, eat my quick and carefully calibrated breakfast, get dressed, and tie on the special shoes. Then I leave for my run.




In 2005 I made a generic resolution to add more exercise to my life. That spring I traveled to watch my mother run the Boston Marathon. It was my mom’s fifth or so marathon but it was the first one I was able to be at. Watching your mother cross the finish line of a marathon is an interesting kind of motivation – it’s inspiring and a little bit shaming. If Mom can run 26 miles surely I can at least jog a few times a week. I had run in the past, though I had never managed to keep going for more than a few months before I would lapse back into inactivity. I knew I would be more likely to follow through if I had a specific goal so I changed my resolution to finishing a half-marathon and started looking for a race.


I decided to register for Bay to Breakers (7.4 miles) that May and for a half-marathon in San Jose (13.1 miles) that October and began training. There were setbacks and issues along the way but I finished both races. Yay for me!  Then my recovery time from the half-marathon stretched out and suddenly it was five months later and I hadn’t run at all. Again.


So in 2006 I recommitted to my running and finished the same two races, and lapsed into the same inactivity for the winter. 2007, rinse and repeat.


I got back into a running mode earlier in 2008 than I have in previous years. I added another race this year too; I ran a half marathon in San Francisco in early August. This November, after my last race of the year I took two weeks off, and then started to run again right away.


But my running fell apart in mid-December.  I was transitioning between two jobs, my strange schedule and the holidays conspired to keep me in my slippers. A few days ago I realized something new. I missed it.  That has never happened before.  I’ve always treated running as something I have to do because that helps me get out the door. For the first time I realized that running was something I wanted to do. Not running is no longer okay.




When I wake up early this Friday morning, to eat my quick breakfast and tie on the special shoes so I can run two miles before getting to work, I will smile on my way out the door. Because a long ago resolution to finish one race has created something new. I am a runner now. And that is a good thing to be.



@@@This is my entry for week 14 of LJ Idol – the topic is ‘resolute’.  Per usual, I'll post a link to the poll on Friday once it is up.  Thank you for reading.@@@

It's an awesome thing to be. Congrats.

You run in the am? Now that is pure commitment. :)

Well most of the time I'm working on a second shift schedule so it's not quite so impressive, though in November I did a few 6am mornings. I find that if I don't run first I find too many excuses not to go.

Thanks for reading.

This was interesting to learn about you! I totally admire your dedication.

Aw thanks. I realized I hadn't talked about running at all yet, and it's a big part of my life.

So will you ever run the marathon? Smile.

I don't know. The time commintment doubles, and I've never been willing to deal with that. Thanks for reading.

(Deleted comment)
I'm hoping to run the SF half again this summer, I'm waiting to find out what my show schedule will be before I invest the money.

Please add away! I'm always looking for new friends.

Watching your mother cross the finish line of a marathon is an interesting kind of motivation – it’s inspiring and a little bit shaming. If Mom can run 26 miles surely I can at least jog a few times a week.

This is great. It is something I wish I had written! Such a volume in two sentences.

I agree, a great thing to be... I wish I could still run, but can't no more. Good luck with it.

It is an activity with a definite end point, sooner or later knees or a back or something limits the ability to keep going. Thanks.

I love running but haven't been able to do it for a few years due to small children. At some point I'll get back to it, probably when they're all at school. Or have left home...

Mom didn't start running until my brother and I had both graduated from high school, so it's never too late...

Thanks for reading!

Awesome for you! :D

Lovely entry.

Thanks so much! I am a little sore after running yesterday for the first time in half a month, and I am reveling in it.

Running is incredibly freeing.

Happy 2009. ;)


It took me time to discover that - but yes, absolutely.


One thing I have never been able to myself to do it run. I really wish I could as I know several folks who says running and participating in marathans is quite the experience.

Way to go:) Keep up the good work and wonderful entry.

I know not everyone can run - in fact my mom has had to cut way back to be nice to her knees. But there is something about race day that is just amazing.

Thanks so much!

Nice. I feel the same way about my exercise: I genuinely miss it when I don't get to do it.

It took me a long time to get there, but it is a nice place to be.

Thanks for reading!

Isn't it wonderful to find that something you once thought you "had" to do is actually something you "want" and genuinely "like to do? It's such a wonderful feeling! I'm glad you're a runner. Good luck in upcoming races.

Discovering I want to run is fabulous, though I am sure there will still be days when I 'have' to do it if I'm going to get out the door.

Thanks for the luck, and for reading.

What a charming entry and amazing journey! I enjoyed reading this and wish I had the ability to run or even walk. (I'll bet there are trails in the city, though, that would accommodate a wheelchair). You've inspired me.

There is a fabulous running trail near my apartment, which is about the only thing keeping me there these days. I hope you are able to find a trail somewhere near you too.

Thanks for the kind words.

This is great...I can just imagine the mixed feelings of seeing your Mom run a marathon...best of luck to you in 2009!