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Am I insane?

So I am pondering a possibly insane thing, and I would like some opinions.

The opening of the show I am working on is in two weeks, and I want to wear a dress I wore to a friend's wedding a few years ago - it's strapless, and is a gold/taupe color.  The difficulty is I have some impressive tan lines from my summer running in a sleeveless top(probably more noticable to me than anyone else).  I had thought about going into a tanning booth to try to even things out a bit but that seems excessive.  I think if I just get a cute little shrug/sweater it will be fine, and solve the tan lines issue as well as the it's chilly in January issue.

So I went to google and searched.  I found a few for sale but not many - I may not be searching good shopping sites.  But I found a site that was a collection of knitting patters for shrugs.  Now for the insanity...

Could I actually knit myself a wearable shrug in two weeks?  During tech and previews?  I am seriously tempted to go for it.

Poll #1324877 to knit or not

So what should I do for opening night?

Buy a shrug, you don't have time for anything else
Knit, you know you want to
eh, try the tanning booth - if you're orange the tan lines won't matter
Couldn't you wear a different dress?
Eh, wear your blacks to the lobby as a protest of the pain they've put you through.
I should be better at links than I am but here are the patterns I've found (so far).  Comments and opinions would be appreciated - or if you have a favorite please send it along.  I need to figure this out by the end of tomorrow, if I'm knitting I need to start on Monday.

Cute, vaguely retro short sleeve:
Fuzzy short sleeve:
Short sleeve and easiest knit ever:
Slinky, long sleeved:
Long sleeved, but possibly too casual to pair with dress (otherwise my favorite):
Long sleeved and ribbed:
3/4 sleeve and super easy:

 My vanity does require me to point out that this is me at the end of an 8hr day of rehearsal. .
heh.  Also the dress comes with a matchy belt that has a flower on it.  My plan was to knit / buy whatever it is in black - I'm in favor of the goes with everything.
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