Rebecca (beeker121) wrote,

Fun things to (maybe) win or buy!

A few different opportunities have popped up on my flist over the last day or so, and I wanted to spread them further and wider.

1)  A singer named SJ Tucker was ill at the end of the year, which required a hospital stay, and lots of bills.  (I don't know her but apparently a lot of people I know do - she has a site at  Sadly given that she was making a living as an artist she doesn't have health insurance.  There are a variety of fund-raising things going on for her including a new book of short stories titled "Ravens in the Library".  It will be a limited edition and only available online, and it features stories by such luminaries as seanan_mcguire and Neil Gaiman.  Follow this link for more details and ordering information  You get what looks to be an amazing book, and you get to help.  It's a win-win really.

2) A few of the crafters on my blog occasionally make 'blog candy' posts - you leave a comment which enters you to win!  There are two active contests going on right now.
faninohio  is offering up a custom made post-it pad cover here:
 jerseybelle77</lj> has six holiday ornaments to be won individually here:
Both of them make beautiful stuff, stop by and look around.

I am excited to be moving to stage tonight.  It is always a crazy day with a lot of extra stress involved in moving spaces, but we are really just spinning our wheels working on the tape in the rehearsal hall.  We need the real set, with all of it's doors and windows and the very narrow back corridor to really get anything useful done.  Right now we spend ten minutes on a work note and still get to the conclusion 'we'll have to look at it on stage to make a final decision'.  It feels like a waste of time. 

I have a first draft done for LJ Idol this week, but I'm letting it sit for awhile before posting. 
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