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Well, huh.
freaking beaker out
So ordinarily I would post a link to the LJ Idol poll here, but there isn't a poll this week.  The vote is open to current contestants only, and is being done by email so no one will be able to track how they are doing over the weekend.  Oh, and the bottom eight go home.  Whee! 

Also, I have come to the conclusion that our props master cannot actually read.  It would explain a lot.  I was explaining an issue that came up this afternoon to our director and he said "what do you want me to do"?  I didn't answer 'fire her' but I will the next time he asks.

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Hey Congrats on making top 75.

I'm not sure if I should be worried about you or not this week. I really liked your entry. I haven't made it through all the others yet, but there were some pretty powerful ones on the first page.

I'll keep thinking good thoughts!

Thanks - I'm excited to have made it this far.

I can't quite tell about this week either, I really like my entry and it's getting good feedback - in an ordinary week I'd be really confident. But with the 'only vote for 25' twist your entry has to be in the top 25 to someone to get a vote - and I'm not as positive of that. Then again I haven't finished reading yet either - I'm about halfway through.

Thanks for the good thoughts.

I don't know how you will choose, there are some really great entries. Have you decided if you'll vote for yourself? I can't decide if that would be a good move or not.

I will be voting for myself - I have thus far and it seems like a bad time to stop now.

Actually when I finished reading I came up with about 30 entries on my vote list, so now I'll have to narrow down somehow.

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