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freaking beaker out
I am at J's.  At 8am this morning they started re-roofing his building.  It seriously sounds like they are going to come right through the ceiling to get me.  Had I known about this, I may have stayed home where at least there would have been sleeping in.

ETA:  We can't get out!  Whatever work they're doing in the stairwell, they can't let us down for our own safety.  So we're stuck in the apartment until they take lunch at around 11:30.  This is craziness!

ETA2:  They were true to their word and we got out around 11:45.
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What?!! That can't be right, they shouldn't be able to block the stairwell with people in the building. Did they send out a notice or something?

Hope you can enjoy your trapped morning.

They apparently posted a notice on the door sometime during the day yesterday that said the four affected apartments would have 'limited access' for two days. But when I got there at midnight, the two downstairs neighbors hadn't taken the notice off their door! And since no one at J's got it until after work it was certainly less than 24 hrs. It would have been nice if they would have knocked when they started and said 'you have five minutes to leave or expect to be here for three hours' but no.

I had knitting with me, and luckily didn't have to be anywhere so it wasn't too bad. Not staying there tonight though.

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