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mad cheshire
-it's Monday, which is my standard (only) day off.  The good thing about this three day weekend for other people (they usually annoy me) is that J has today off too.

-I finished the shrug!  I am really happy with the way it turned out, and it's very warm.  I think I'll get a lot of use out of it too, which is even better.  I have pictures of it - I will post them soon.

-The show is open and I didn't kill anyone.  Go me!

-As of Saturday I have all 50 state quarters (well with the D stamp, my P collection is only half full).  This makes me silly-happy to have accomplished.

-I am going to be an Aunt again in early September.  My brother had always said two or three - I guess it'll be three.  I'm really excited for them.

-I am making friendship bracelets for my niece's birthday - I had forgotten how much fun those are.  (And I might go back and find that handmade meme that was around, I was thinking the only things I could make would be way time consuming but that's not true.)

-There are roofers on top of the apartment building again.  At least they didn't start until 9a this morning.

-J and his roommate are watching Veronica Mars  They are in season 2 and really enjoying it.  It's fun to watch other people discover something I spent so much time obsessing over.

-I am nearly over this cold.  I've felt better since Friday, but am still a little bit congested and coughy.  Hopefully it will go all the way away soon.

So I am happy, it's been a good couple of days.  What is happy in your world?

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I am happy you finished your shrug!

I am also very happy that I got two jobs to work Inaugural Events this week!

Yay for working!

I love your icon.

The show is open and I didn't kill anyone. Go me!
Heh! Not killing people is always a good thing

As of Saturday I have all 50 state quarters (well with the D stamp, my P collection is only half full). This makes me silly-happy to have accomplished.
Cool! I use to have a friend who would go to the states regularly and keep the state quarters for me. Hasn't happened in a really long time, so there are many many states that I do not have. What do you mean by D and P stamps?

The stamps are the mint marks on the quarters. There are two US mints that were printing them, one in Denver and one in Philadelphia. If you look at the front of the quarter by George's pigtail you'll see a little letter there - that's the mark. I have friends who were determined that their collection wouldn't be finished until they had 100 quarters, all 50 from both mints. I've kept mine separate but consider myself done.

What shrug did you end up making? I can't wait to see it!

I ended up making one of the long sleeve ribbed shrugs. I chose it for warmth and because the ribbing was regular enough it was a pattern that didn't require my whole attention. I could do it while watching tv (or calling the show, heh.) The ability to multi-task it is part of the reason I got it done.

But having found all of those patterns there are a few more I want to try just for fun.

My world is good because I get to go to my favorite restaurant twice this week and not feel guilty about it. And I am finding myself able to completely block the theater (where I'm employed, not in a universal sense) from my mind when I'm not there. (It's taken me 3 years to develop that skill.)

I started the quarter hunt a while ago...gave up after the colonies. Bravo you!

Being able to leave work at work is a useful skill to have, and theatre is a more difficult field than most to master that in - way to go!

I love how positive all your posts sound. yay you!

Aw thanks. It is nice to be more happy than not for a while.

Curse you. I am still missing Hawaii and Alaska.
I must find them and complete my set.

Congrats on not killing anyone!

I haven't thought of making my J watch Veronica Mars. I'm not sure he'd love it. I got him to watch Psych this weekend and he liked that, which made he happy!

And congrats on being an Aunt again! I'm going to have a little nephew in June and another godson in April. Eeek! lots of babies!

My J had found season one on DVD at Costco and thought it looked cool. He knew a bit about how much I was involved in the fandom, and that I thought it was great, but he and his roommate started watching it on their own. Then I loaned them seasons 2 and 3. I'm really glad they like it.

Wow, babies everywhere. Yay for the aunties.

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