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jensen hee
Green room quote of the day: 
Me - I might have trouble eating toast if it looked like adorable kittens.
Mo - I wouldn't.

(The discussion was about people who see religious figures in their food products, which wound around to a toaster that hooks up to the internet and can put the day's weather report on your toast.  Then we were discussing what else could be on toast.)


In other news I am still alive in LJ Idol.  This week's topic is 'open' which means we can write about anything.  That is surprisingly harder than having a prompt.  I've got a first draft of something written that I like - we'll see if it's still good when I go back to it later tonight.  The deadline is also a day earlier, which makes me wonder what new DOOM is in store for us.


After the show tonight I need to run a few errands on my way to J's.  My to do list says "gas & galliano".  It sounds like an album title, or something.  Heh.

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That is ... amazing. It frightens me what people come up with. Thank you so much for sharing - I'm totally pulling that link out in the green room post-show.

yay! happy to see you're still on lj idol.

Aw, thanks! It has been a lot of fun so far.

I'm a day late to your silly post but I'm glad to see your birthday wasn't cancelled on ljidol.

Happy Birthday! Hope you're doing fun things.

Kitten toast does not appeal to me in anyway. Who buys all this hello kitty stuff anyways? How is the a market for this to be mass produced?

Me too! Though I think 1/3 of the comments are me thanking people for their good wishes.

And thank you for the good wishes - I don't have to be to work until 5:30p today so I am planning to do a few fun things, and my laundry.

I do not understand Hello Kitty, not sure I ever will.

1/3 of the posts are not much when your birthday is on the line. =)

This is where I admit that I've been reading the greenroom comments. I'm such a lurker.

Heh, I know you're not the only one. Most days I manage to get a hello to all comment in but that's it, so I feel like I'm lurking too.

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