Rebecca (beeker121) wrote,


Green room quote of the day: 
Me - I might have trouble eating toast if it looked like adorable kittens.
Mo - I wouldn't.

(The discussion was about people who see religious figures in their food products, which wound around to a toaster that hooks up to the internet and can put the day's weather report on your toast.  Then we were discussing what else could be on toast.)


In other news I am still alive in LJ Idol.  This week's topic is 'open' which means we can write about anything.  That is surprisingly harder than having a prompt.  I've got a first draft of something written that I like - we'll see if it's still good when I go back to it later tonight.  The deadline is also a day earlier, which makes me wonder what new DOOM is in store for us.


After the show tonight I need to run a few errands on my way to J's.  My to do list says "gas & galliano".  It sounds like an album title, or something.  Heh.
Tags: doom, lj idol, quotable

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