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an important quote, and other things

"You had to deal every day with people who were foolish and lazy and untruthful and downright unpleasant, and you could certainly end up thinking that the world would be considerably improved if you gave them a slap.  But you didn't because, as Miss Tick had once explained:
a) it would make the world a better place for only a very short time;
b) it would then make the world a slightly worse place;
and c) you're not supposed to be as stupid as they are."
    from Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett

Meet my new stage management mantra.  I might have to print this out and keep it somewhere I can see it at all times.  (Yesterday an actress missed her entrance.  Not in a 'was chatting backstage so missed the cue but was only a few seconds late' way.  No she missed her entrance in a 'in the dressing room with her shoes off, feet up, and a computer on her lap surfing the internet, wondering why it is so quiet suddenly' way.)

Also, if anyone was wondering about the LJ Idol poll there isn't one again this week.  The voting is being done by ten 'Gatekeepers', people the mod has chosen to read and respond.  The bottom 14 will be done after this, so those remaining will be in the top 40. 

I got an email from my brother yesterday titled 'update'.  In it was one word typed in red, 36-point font:  TWINS!

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is your show open? what did your cast do?

The show is open. The spectuacularly late entrance is the most recent example, the show is mostly running fine. There are just several of them who deserve slaps on general principles.

(Deleted comment)
Heh. That kind of dream would probably have been more fun.

Yeah, I'm totally printing that quote out in big letters to keep in front of my during my next show.

Were they expecting twins? Any other information?

What was the fallout from the missed entrance? Other than the slap that wasn't?

I knew they were expecting again, but the twins are a surprise. They don't run on either side of the family. She's due in early Sept so it's still early days

Well the actor who was left stranded did some running around, and then another actor came out and they started their scene. So we jumped her scene entirely (it was a page long), the actors talked in the dark for a bit until we could catch up to them, and a shift happened when it could next make sense instead of on cue, since the cue had been jumped. It was a little ugly, I'm sure the audience knew something wasn't quite right. But the whole crew was very awake after that.

Congrats to your brother. That will be exciting and exhausting.

Yeah, they always said they wanted two or three. Now they'll be going from two straight to four. It'll be an adventure.

FOUR! Wow, that will be exciting.

I'm holding my breath for the gatekeepers vote. I was tempted to list who I would have voted for to see how many that was, but then I remember that I shouldn't be procrastinating. There were some entries this week that I really really disliked and I was surprised by that.

The gatekeeper thing has me nervous, I rather wish they were looking at last week's entry which I think is one of my very best. This week I don't think I'm in the bottom 14 (at least as far as I've read) but of course they are each voting for their top 25 which is different. Open topics are always hard, it's been interesting to see how wide ranging people wrote this week.

Heh - Idol can certainly be a time suck, can't it?

Yes it can.

I've really enjoyed reading the entries. I think I understand a bit more what I like in writing and what I don't. It's a neat undertaking. Every one of you has to have a lot of stamina.

Are you hoping for faternal or identical twins?

Yeah, it has been interesting to discover more about what I like as I've been reading along. Honestly, had I thought I would've been in it this long, I'm not sure I would have signed up, but it's a lot of fun.

I am hoping for fraternal twins, a boy and a girl. Partially because I don't get home very often so I'd have even more trouble telling identicals apart, but also because that would keep their family balanced, they already have a boy and a girl.

Thanks for reminding me of that quote. I have been thinking we should convert our economy to slaps, but I guess I can accept an attitude adjustment from Sir Terry.

And congratulations to your brother!

I really like that quote. I have also been leaning towards slapping lately, so it will be good to keep somewhere handy.

I think my brother is still getting used to the idea, but we're all excited.

Yay for P an K... then again twins is a little more than they bargined for... and Yay for telling you in a one word Email :-)

Oh noes, lost in the interwebs! Amazing sense of responsibility, that. Glad the others were professional enough to plow through and make it work.

Congratulations to you and your brother. Very exciting.

Well without the interwebs she would still have missed her entrance, but maybe not by so much. It was certainly an adventure.

Thanks! I'm looking forward to talking to my brother and sister-in-law later this week.

I know right! I'm very excited.

Yay twins! My godkids are twins and they're awesome!

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