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stuff and nonsense
diabolique dragon
Firstly I need to wish a very happy birthday to rubrchick  andpinkslit .  I hope you ladies each have fabulous days.

Secondly for those who have been following my LJ Idol game, I was voted out this week.  I'm not horribly surprised, the entry wasn't my best, and while I'm not positive it was in the bottom 14 entries (how many were voted out) I can easily see why it wasn't in people's top 25 (how the voting was done).  So I am a bit bummed because I've been having a lot of fun, but I'm also astonished to have gotten this far so it's all good.  I met a lot of great new people, and may still write the occasional home game entry.

Thirdly my brother's twins will be fraternal.  Woot!  I am personally hoping for a boy and a girl but we'll see.


Fourthly I am making plans to go home to WI at the beginning of next month, and J is coming with me.  This is exciting and a little nerve-wracking, he hasn't met any of my family yet.

Fifthly is a fun word to say.


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Aw, I'm sorry you were voted out. You lasted a long time, though!

I was in the competition way longer than I thought I'd be, it was a lot of fun. Thanks for commiserating with me.

Thank you for the birthday wishes! Sorry I missed yours last week. Hope it was super fun!

Mine was low-key but good. Yay for January birthdays!

I was so sad when I saw your name on the list. I was also a little surprised as I really liked your entry this week.

I read some of the gatekeepers posts, and found it interesting that many of them have been avoiding reading previous posts. I have exactly the opposite philosphy. I was turned off when I read essentially the same post from someone for the last few weeks. No matter how well written.

Anyways, you did very well and thank you for introducing me to the community.

The Twins are so exciting. I don't think I've ever known any and love the idea.

I am sad to be out. But really, I never thought I'd make it this far, and the whole experience was still really fun. I'm glad you're enjoying the community too.

I am really excited by the idea of twins, though I'm glad I'm not the one having them. I'm hoping to talk to my brother and sis-in-law later this week to see how they're reacting to the news.

The news here is full of stories about the woman who had eight babies. I can't imagine how much that hurt. She had a C- section, but carrying eight little babbies in your uterous must be heavy.

(Deleted comment)
Aw thanks. I'm glad they were fun to read, I was a little worried about being spammy.

I loved reading your entries and I'm very happy to be lurking on the friends list so I can continue to (stalk) read!



You are one of the friends I am glad to have made! Thanks for the kind words.

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