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What am I doing on this lovely Superbowl Sunday?

I got up and went for a run, and am letting my fried egg sandwich cool down before I start eating.  Then I'm going to the theatre.  For a two show day, 2p and 7p.

Several years ago they changed the performance schedule for this slot so we didn't have an evening performance during the Superbowl.  Because really today isn't just about football, it's about eating nachos and hanging out with friends and drinking beer and watching the commercials and Springsteen.  It did make the schedule for this slot a little odd, so I'm not that surprised that they changed it back.  But I am annoyed by two things.

1) No one asked why the schedule was weird for this slot before changing it.

2) They never updated the website to include this evening's performance.  (They're working on launching a new website and so a lot of attention has been focused there - but seriously they made this change months ago.)

Now this is my job, so despite the fact that I think someone made a stupid, uninformed decision about today I'll be there.  When fielding the endless questions from actors about whether or not we really have to do this my answer will be "you're getting paid, it's been on our calendars from the beginning, suck it up".

But I'm still taking bets on how many folks will be at the 7p performance this evening. 
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