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lazy days
I have been unemployed for the last two weeks (which is less scary now that I've signed my next contract) and trying to get things organized in my life.  I did my taxes, have a garbage bag full of clothes to give to Goodwill, and actually bagged and boarded all of my comics from the last six months that were still stacked on my floor.  I haven't done everything I wanted to, but that 's okay.  I have a few more days off here to get stuff done, and then on Thursday J and I are flying to WI for a long weekend.  He's never met my family before.  I am nervous and excited all at the same time.

Speaking of J, he and his roommates got a Wii fit last weekend.  I've been enjoying exercising playing with it so far.  The yoga stuff is making me a little crazy, because I am trying to think about all of the things I usually worry about when I'm in half-moon pose, for example, and all the board can really test is balance.  I wonder what it would be like for someone who had never done yoga with a live instructor to try it after having the Wii as a background, because they're fairly different.  Though knowing the poses has been helpful, because I don't have to watch the screen so much.  The really good thing about it for me is the strength exercises - the one thing I really need to do (and keep failing at) if I want to keep getting faster with my running is strength work.  I was sore after going through all the exercises earlier this week which feels wimpy, but it also means that this is probably a good place to start.  The balance exercises are just plain fun, and I am determined to beat J at hula-hoop.  Soon.

The Oscars are tomorrow and none of my friends who usually host shindigs have decided to this year.  Once again I have been on a movie watching spree (it is a timely time to be unemployed) and am about as close as I can get to seeing everything.  I didn't see any of the foreign films, only two of the full length documentaries, and none of the short docs.  And I am missing three movies that were each nominated for only one thing but other than that I've seen them all.  So I have opinions about most things, and think that mostly my favorites will not win. 
I took the BART up to Berkeley earlier this week to see all of the animated and live action shorts, there is a theatre that shows each set as a movie.  The theatre was also tricked out with plushy loveseats and lovesacs up front for sitting which was very cozy.  Though I did wonder what would happen if you went to the movies alone there and it was sold out, you'd end up very friendly with someone new.

Today it is grey outside, I already played with the Wii fit and have done my voting for LJIdol. I think it's time to read, or maybe nap.  Yay for lazy days.

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The Wii balance board can also tell how much weight is on the board, so doing something like pushups or jacknives (where you put your feet on the board and then lift to do a situp style jackknife exercise) are other ways it uses it for Wii Fit.

I've been big into yoga before getting Wii Fit and it's actually more challenging on the Wii fit than it is on a mat. The poses that they include are all standard and a good array, though I could think of a dozen more that I'd also see how they could include in there.

I don't even know what to think about The Oscars. I'm probably not going to watch and just see the results online. Usually I've been pretty consistent about watching them, but after last year and the year before I've gotten a bit angsty with "the Acadomy".

Wishing you luck with visiting the family!

True enough, and I am really enjoying everything on the fit so far. I am looking forward to unlocking more yoga poses, and really just doing them daily is a huge step up for me.
I just wonder how people who don't have an exercise background do. For example, by the last pushup or so my form is pretty bad, because my upper arms are noodly. But I still get a perfect score because my rhythm of movement is good, especially moving from pushup to side plank (that's where the yoga comes in handy). I know enough to know my form deteriorates and work on that, but if someone didn't know I wonder how useful it would be. Eh, this is mostly me pondering.

Right now my plan is to TiVo the Oscars and then watch them on my own with my finger near the fast-forward button. I've found that's best for solo viewing.


Lazy days sound so nice.

I keep telling myself that I'll get a Wii once I'm done school. It's a nice idea but I don't seem to work on a reward system very well, so it's not as motivating as I had hoped.

Do you stretch everyday? I was talking to my swim coach last week and he said stretching was as important as strength training in getting better/ faster.

I hope your trip to WI goes well.

I stretch when I run, but I am still working on adding stretching to my off days. That is another good idea.

Part of the motivation for the Wii right now is wanting to beat my boyfriend at hula-hooping. Then again my boxing score is higher than his, heh.


(Deleted comment)
I was at the Shattuck theatre. It doesn't look like they've outfitted every auditorium with them, but the one I was in was cozy.

Lazy days are awesome. I wish I was unemployed for a few weeks, I have so many things I want to do!

oooh! J5 is meeting my family this weekend! He's met my brother and my sister before, but not my parents or anyone else. We're having a bday party for my bro-in-law and J5 is going to come. It should be fun!

Yay for meeting families! I hope your party goes wonderfully.

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