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Things not to be believed
time is twisted
I am home in WI.  The flights went smoothly and we managed to land in Green Bay about an hour before it started snowing.  The feared 10" turns out to have only been about 6" so everything is pretty and white but we're not stuck.  However, two bizarre things have happened that I wanted to share.

1)  There was lightning and thunder last night.  In the middle of the snow storm.  I've never seen that before - it was after sunset and everything was that orangish pale glow you get when it's snowing and blowing and then everything lit up.  It was very cool.

2)  I was just stung by a wasp on my little toe.  While standing in my bedroom upstairs.  No really.  My parents have been having work done on the house so a few different bugs have found their way inside as the siding has been redone and the windows replaced.  J killed a wasp in the spare room, and then we went into my room to look at something and suddenly there was a burning pain in my toe.  I looked down and saw another wasp crawling away.  (We killed him too.)  My little toe is a little swollen and numb but seems otherwise okay.

So apparently by coming back to winter I have confused the world and it's trying to cram all of the seasons into one visit. 

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Keep wasps away from me! I can't see or hear them, and I've gotten bitten twice in the same spot by one wasp one summer, and they hurt like hell! Hope your bite heals soon.

I would be so interested in seeing photographs of lightning in a snow storm. I do know it happens, but I've never experienced it. That's very lucky of you to have experience that.

I've never been stung before by anything. I'd love to be stung by a Bee just to know what it's like, but I always forget when I see one to aggravate it because I'm too busy watching it.

I saw lightning in a snow storm for the first time this year too! It was crazy.

Let me know how it goes with J meeting the family!

Glad you are not snowed in.

Wasp stings are ouchy.

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