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Things I have been meaning to write
mirror girl  Rockwell
-So J met my family, my family met J.  Everything went very well, and everybody likes each other (or if they don't they didn't tell me).  J was a little exhausted by all of the driving we did while there - 2.5 hrsx2 to the cabin and back 2.5 hrsx2 to my brother's and back - and he now gets why I don't always consider trips home to be vacations.  My favorite comment about J and I came from my mom who said that it is the most mature relationship I've ever had, and that both J and I are obviously happy.  I can handle that.

-Rehearsals have begun for the new show.  We're working straight sixes (ie. 2p-8p with two ten minute breaks and one twenty) and it's a great schedule for getting to have a life, but there's a lot of stuff I used to get done while on dinner breaks that I am finding myself behind on.  The usual incompetent staff people are frustrating me, and I've realized that I have to be better at not sinking to their level, or getting angy at their incompetence.  Cause they're not going to change, and I am doing what I can to get them fired (documenting the stupidity to send to my and their bosses).  And the constant frustration over managment's inability to see how bad it is (or to be willing to do anything about it) and the desire to choke the shit out of her (there are two hers for those keeping count) really just mess up my head space, they don't accomplish anything.

-My chiro decided to take x-rays last week since we had never done that.  I had started going in for hip issues, but had been mentioning more and more that my neck and shoulders were unhappy, so they x-rayed my lower back and neck.  The lower back stuff looked about like I suspected, the curvature front to back is a little too pronounced and my right hip does sit higher than my left.  But my neck is kind of a mess.  The curvature in the neck should be a 30 degree angle, mine is -9.  It goes the wrong way!  And it doesn't so much curve as it goes in a straight line and then bends between the 3 and 4 backwards.  They keep asking if I was in a car accident or some other trauma to my neck, but other than the standard put the car in the ditch in the winter there really isn't anything.  I think this is just years of too much time staring down, at keyboards, at books, at my knitting.  Anyway, I'm back to weekly chiro visits (bad for the wallet and time) to work on it.

-I went to buy new running shoes yesterday and the store I went to last time was closed.  Or more accurately, gone.  The sign for the strip mall still had them listed but looking through the windows there was only an empty room.  So I pondered, and decided to go south to the store where I had gotten the pair of shoes before the last.  And it too was gone. So I decided that yesterday was a bad day to buy shoes.  And now I am off to try again, at a third store that I have visited but never bought shoes from.  Whee!

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Hooray for a mature relationship! And for your family liking J! Only one person told me they liked J5, so I'm assuming since no one said they didn't like him, that they like him :)

Sorry you have to work with incompetent people again, that's the worst! We finally have a pretty good set up with people in my office, so at least I'm not stuck dealing with the idiocy of others anymore (except for clients).

Eek on the neck issues! I hope you're able to make your neck a bit more manageable without costing you too much of a fortune.

Good luck buying shoes!

I agree, if they don't speak up with dislike now, they have lost their chance. Heh. I checked in with my parents to be sure of their opinions.

Luckily my health insurance is pretty good so I have co-pays per office visit but hopefully no more than that.

Mmmm new shoes.

(Deleted comment)
The first store was an independent store - it was there for only about 18 months from beginning to end. The second was a New Balance place.

Where I ended up going is part of a smaller store chain, and they were really great.

i hope the weekly chiro visits prove helpful. my sister swears by them... but she isn't paying the bills...

One of the good things about lumping SMs in with actors in the union is we're on the same insurance. I have co-pays for the office visits but that should be it, and it allows 60ish visits a year. It makes it possible at least.

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