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happy things
J gave me a present yesterday just because. 

First the background.  J went to Vegas with friends weekend before last, I couldn't go because of rehearsal.  J and his roommate (rm) were hanging out the night before they left, and the (rm) asked me what my opinion on J visiting strip clubs was.  I said "go for it".  (rm) was highly amused, but seriously I don't see it as being a big deal.  As I explained, there are bouncers there to protect the girls which also polices the guys, and really if J wanted to spend his money looking at boobies he couldn't touch I was okay with that.

Later that evening, we were watching something on TV which involved a couple "rawring" at each other.  I told J I had an amendment to the strip club rule, he was not allowed to "rawr" at any strippers.  (rm) tried to argue that the "go for it" rule was in place and could not be changed, I pointed out that as a female, I can change any relationship rule I want at any time.  heh.  It was a fun, silly conversation in a good night.  Turns out they never visited a strip club while they were in Vegas anyway.

So last night I got to J's and there was a t-shirt laying on his bed all neatly so it was easy to read.  I glanced at it and burst out laughing; J said, "I saw it and thought of you."

The t-shirt has a picture of a t-rex and it says "RAWR!*  
                                                                                 *RAWR means "I love you" in Dinosaur"

Is it any wonder that I am head over heels?

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(Deleted comment)
Yes, we have gotten past the "I love you" stage, several months ago now. In fact, we're likely moving in together at the end of this summer. He is a very happy thing in my world.

Awwww...T-rex love.

Personally, I have no desire to visit a strip club; it seems to me to be quite a bit of money to put down simply to get blue balls in front of a lot of people who also have blue balls.

I've been to a strip club or two, though I tend to tip the women who can actually dance. Apparently that means I'm doing it wrong.

Are they the ones who dance the most exotically?

Sometimes. I think most dance is erotic if done well. Mostly I enjoy the girls who look like they are enjoying the music and playing to it more than the crowd.

I meant exotic, as in exotic dancing.

Aww, that is so cute.

It was adorable. I just washed the shirt, and I'm saving it to wear later this week. I expect work to be a pain in the ass, so I'm hoping grinning every time I look down will help counter-act that.

Awww. Hee, I love it.

By the way, I've been meaning to ask you how your career change is going.

It was very sweet.

Ugh - I've been meaning to write about how my career change is (not) going. Essentially I'm using the current economic climate as an excuse to stay where I am for one more year. Well there are other pieces parts to it, but mostly that. Cause change is scary, yo.

I have on my to do list to not only write about it here (so folks can beat me with rubber hoses for going back on my word) but to make a concrete set of goals that I will share so that I follow through better this time.

That was so adorably gushy that I'm not sure if my smile is expressing envy of your relationship or just being happy that you're happy. Probably both.

J and I do tend towards schmoopy, so I try not to spill it on everyone else too often. I will share my happy I promise (but not my J).

Well, first off, I can't compare to the fabulous you so my chances of sharing J would be depressing. But, I'm just so glad that you're in a good head space, including whatever is happening with your career decisions. I just really like you and consider you to be a friend, even though I never see or work with you anymore, and I want you to be happy. So, yay!

Okay, that's enough of my mush and gush. My director is hollering for me (he's distressed that his comps are "bad" seats - Drama!). Keep posting!

Pish to your self-depreciation, you are totally awesome enough to get your own J.

I dislike that we see each other so much less with you in LA, but at least we have LJ to chat through.

You two are too cute for words.

...if J wanted to spend his money looking at boobies he couldn't touch I was okay with that.

I... ah... This makes me grin so big.

your icon in this context makes me grin even more...

Well it seems kind of silly to me, unless we're both there and can enjoy the visuals together and then play together after. But...boys. Not a battle worth fighting.

I enjoy your icon.

hehehe, thanks for sharing that. That's completely cute.

I will be wearing the t-shirt later this weekend as a reminder to smile, because I am expecting this tech to be hell.

Sadly, I don't doubt that - the hell part, not the t-shirt part. Focus was hell.

I don't think it's really going to be a barrel of laughs during my notes calls either. But I don't have a t-shirt :)

I think you should tell Jim to get on that (finding you something to be a happy for tech).



It turns out he is totally schmoopy, which I didn't really see coming before last summer. It is fabulous.

yay for schmoopiness. some well placed schmoopiness is always good :)

(Deleted comment)
I did not yet. I'll have to get a shot of it, or myself in it, to post shortly.

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