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J gave me a present yesterday just because. 

First the background.  J went to Vegas with friends weekend before last, I couldn't go because of rehearsal.  J and his roommate (rm) were hanging out the night before they left, and the (rm) asked me what my opinion on J visiting strip clubs was.  I said "go for it".  (rm) was highly amused, but seriously I don't see it as being a big deal.  As I explained, there are bouncers there to protect the girls which also polices the guys, and really if J wanted to spend his money looking at boobies he couldn't touch I was okay with that.

Later that evening, we were watching something on TV which involved a couple "rawring" at each other.  I told J I had an amendment to the strip club rule, he was not allowed to "rawr" at any strippers.  (rm) tried to argue that the "go for it" rule was in place and could not be changed, I pointed out that as a female, I can change any relationship rule I want at any time.  heh.  It was a fun, silly conversation in a good night.  Turns out they never visited a strip club while they were in Vegas anyway.

So last night I got to J's and there was a t-shirt laying on his bed all neatly so it was easy to read.  I glanced at it and burst out laughing; J said, "I saw it and thought of you."

The t-shirt has a picture of a t-rex and it says "RAWR!*  
                                                                                 *RAWR means "I love you" in Dinosaur"

Is it any wonder that I am head over heels?
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