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I finished the baby afghan on Friday!  It ended up taking longer than I thought, I didn't fully take into account how much longer a row of 800 stitches would take to do.  I wet it and pinned it out in a generally square shape (yay for blocking) that night but when I went back to it Sunday night it still hadn't dried.  I was seeing the folks it was for that night, so I tossed it in the dryer.  It lost some of it's squareness, but is still all cozy.  Things I learned:
-this pattern is cool and simple but time consuming
-I need to learn to bind off much more loosely (I could have pulled the blanket more square but for that)
-I wish a knitting store would offer a class in the best way to weave in ends. 

I did not get a picture of the finished afghan (FAIL) though I'm hoping to get a photo of it with the baby in about a month.  We'll see.  I still need to send them care instructions - though pretty much it's a wool blanket.

On Sunday I ran a 10k.  I hadn't really trained for it at all, womanplus  had sent an email a few weeks ago - "come run with me".  I decided that I had been running five miles at a time and wanted to move up into six miles that weekend anyway, so why not? 
CONS:  wet cold feet that were numb until mile two, getting the start time wrong so I was up 30 minutes too soon, a windy day, and specifically a nasty headwind for the last 1/2 mile
PROS:  running into friends I hadn't expected to see, the best run t-shirts I have seen in a long time, a chance to get a definite measure of where I am at right now.

I finished in 1:07:05, which is 10:48 a mile.  (There was a rumor after the race that they had mis-measured the 10k course and we had actually run 6.4 miles, but there's no way to know that for sure.)  Not bad, especially given that I hadn't really trained for this at all, but I want to get faster for my next half. 

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