Rebecca (beeker121) wrote,

technical rehearsals

It's Saturday, and the weather outside is absolutely gorgeous.  It is also tech.  So I am inside a dark theatre for 12+ hours today - whee!  Tech is going better than it has any right to, given the various issues we began with, and we are currently ahead of schedule.  But it is still tech, with all the associated frustrations and annoyances.  So this seemed like a good time to go out of my way for a little happiness.

Things that make me happy today:
1)  My copy of Ravens in the Library arrived on Thursday.  I haven't had much time to read it yet (it is tech after all) but it is a beautiful book.  I did make time to read cadhla</lj> 's story, extra bonus happy for a book with words in it by people I know.
2)  The playwright left town.  Ordinarily I enjoy it when the author of a play I"m working on is around, but not this time.
3)  I am wearing my new dinosaur shirt, and people are occasionally "RAWR"ing at me in response to the large print RAWR on my shirt.  Unless they read the small print, only I know they're saying they love me.
4)  Beer tastes better after a tech rehearsal
5)  All of my designers are reasonable and nice people to work with.

Tags: happy, tech

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