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mirror girl  Rockwell

I do not have a facebook account.  Mostly I've never gotten around to creating one, nor am I sure I need one, and I'm certain I don't need another online time suck.   Various people have poked at me to join in the past year but I haven't yet.

College friends wanted me to join, apparently most of my college theatre department is there and all linked together and sharing old production photos.

Local friends wanted me to join, I frequently only find out about a gathering when someone remembers to text me at the last minute, because everyone else saw the info on facebook.

Family wants me to join, my aunt is a member.

But somehow none of that has been a strong enough motivation. 

However, earlier this week the 13 year old in our cast was going through the green room to check the spelling of everyone's name so he could send them friend invitations on facebook.  He got to me and I told him "I don't have a facebook account." 

He was appalled.  Surprised I could even survive without one.  And then he began doing a subtle salespitch  that was masterful.

I could find ways to ignore or put off everyone else.  But being guilted out by a 13 year old might finally tip the balance on this one.

What do y'all think? 

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I don't find it nearly as much fun as LJ, but it's a neat way to keep in touch with people in a very superficial and light way. Silly games, throwing sheep at people, things like that. I haven't friended LJ folks on it, but some do and I've been thinking about it.

I think I'd want to keep LJ as my primary online focus, but it could be fun.

I just also know that so many actors in the bay area would friend me, and well most of them aren't really friends. So my facebook would have to stay at least partially professional which isn't as much fun.

There are some privacy controls you can use, by putting friends in Groups and letting only certain groups see certain things. I haven't found that as useful as I'd like due to the way it's set up, but you might be able to.

You're in the Bay Area? I'm hoping to get out there later this year for a visit- hubby wants to move there even though neither of us has ever been there, so I thought a trip was in order! ;)

This is Conan, btw.
School chum of your fella.

Conan hi! I didn't know you were in LJ.

(Deleted comment)
That is one of my concerns. Not so much people from school, but I have current co-workers who I know are on facebook who would very likely friend me. And I have no interest at all in spending any time outside of work with them, much less giving them access to any of my personal life. Of course, those are also the people who would be totally offended if I ignored the friend request.

(Deleted comment)
Ooh that is very sneaky and smart. Sadly they do have my personal address, I've pretty much been using one address across the board for years.

My boyfriend has an account - I might need to play on his to explore how good the filters are.

Regarding Facebook: Once you go in, you never come out. Mwahaha.

Would love to see you on there, but understand if you want to remain Facebookless for as long as possible. :)

Heh - that seems to be it. I can't just try and see, I'm all in or out, which makes the decision to join seem a lot bigger.

It's people like you I'ld like to join to connect more with, but sadly they let uncool kids play too and I'm a little afraid of them.

I have an account, but I can't even tell you the last time I was over there. Outside of Scrabulous (their online Scrabble game that now goes under another name), there's no reason for me being there -- nobody from either my HS or college classes, not my BFFs back then, nobody.

Plus I also don't need another online time suck. This place does just fine ;)

It's mostly the extra time suck I'm worried about. I know I've got college folks on it but I don't know who else. If I was confident I could join and be as casual as you are about it I would go for it.

I joined Facebook because my sister convinced me to drink the Kool-Aid. I'm back in touch with people I went to Grammer school with! I spend far more time on LJ than Facebook, but it's still kind of neat. Mostly I play Word Twist with my sisters.

See, if I could keep it casual I would go for it. Finding most folks from grammar school would be cool, but what about that one (hypothetical) awful girl who would probably be the first to show up? That's what keeps me away.

I dunno ... I have only been found by people I know and delightfully random people, like my tentmate from 7th grade summer camp, who turned out to be a lot like me despite several years out of contact.

If some truly horrid ghost from my past friended me, I'd probably just let the invite sit in my inbox, so I could say I overlooked it in the highly unlikely event that I was ever called on not responding to it.

I do have some coworkers on facebook, but the level of communication and personalization is sufficiently fluffy that it doesn't matter. Their presence occasionally informs how I phrase things, and keeps me from really laying into work, but I think we've all learned by now that major work complaints shouldn't be put on the internet anyway. :/

I'm not so concerned about random people from my past - more a few people who are current coworkers who I actively dislike. Whee.

Yeah, I have learned to keep any work content at all behind locks here or simply away from the internet.

I realize that this isn't that big a deal, but the fact that I'm putting this much thought into it probably means I should just not bother right now.

I did have an uncomfortable moment like that featuring a girl (from seventh grade) who was trying to friend me through my sister. So I told my sister "IGNORE! IGNORE!" and that was pretty much the end of it.

(Deleted comment)
Interesting. I haven't really done much research into facebook as a company - I remember there being some huge snafu oh six months ago maybe?

But yeah, as more of my group of my friends join it gets harder to stay off.

Dude, Ian Sieren is on Facebook. Seriously. Did you know Kelly Dobbin was on Jeopardy the other day, btw? She lost to Okra. If you didn't know it's because you're not on Facebook. :P

I joined facebook way back when it first started and was just for college students and I LOVED it. Now I feel like I have no privacy and 12 yr olds that are kids of friends of my sisters' are adding me as their friends. I almost want to delete my facebook page.

See, that's what I'm concerned about. The co-workers I don't like adding me, and the actors I worked with once six years ago that I was grateful to see the back of. It just feels a little too free for all to me.

Gah! Now my siblings are in a fight because of facebook. SO DUMB. (basically my sis posted pics of our family easter, and my brother thinks she posted too many, like it makes a difference). Resist facebook!! :P

How very silly. I think I've decided to stay away, at least for now.

Dooooo iiiiit.

It has its ups and downs, as everyone said.

Heh. I should have expected you to be on that side of this issue.

hey, i was that girl in geometry who never said anything....

that being said, i still only throw invites to classmates who were classmates of more import than a single year or a single semester - the ones who were in my class from say, first grade and on: because they are the ones i actually have the most 'nurture' elements in common with, and whether or not we spoke, the most contact with over the multitude of years we all shared in our school district. i also, generally, assume we've all grown up since then, and maybe we like each other more now.

Re: hey, i was that girl in geometry who never said anything....

Heh - I have a feeling I was probably that girl for some of my high school classmates too.

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