Rebecca (beeker121) wrote,

things about today

I don't think that 90 degrees in April should be allowed.

I have officially swatched my dragon (heh), but now I need to start the actual dragon.  However, knitting and super hot weather are two things that do not go together.  But the child this is for is due in mid-May I believe so I need to get on it.

According to the Wii fit I am back below 150 pounds (yay).

Blueberry Girl with words by Neil Gaiman and pictures by Charles Vess is awesome.  It's a children's book that is essentially an illustrated poem so you could even find it in a bookstore and slide away from any clerks and read it in five minutes or so if you aren't up for owning.  I've been reading it to myself daily since I got it, almost like a meditation.  I think every girl, and any guy who has ever loved any girl, should read it.

My show is running for one more week.  Then I am officially unemployed until July 28.

I am in a very thinky mood about job things and moving things and things.  Expect more details as I get my thoughts better sorted out.

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