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- I am now officially unemployed until July 26.  I have already registered with a temp agency, and I need to inform the state of my condition so they can help out.   Depending on exactly what I end up doing I am planning to take at least one college class in this gap (beginning Spanish - whee) maybe more.

- I played D&D last night.  We completed our first mission, though of course badness ensued so the next adventure has a start point.  I joined after they had already started, so I've only played in the last three sessions.  I'm having a lot of fun though occasionally I get worried that I'm doing everything wrong since I am by far the newbie in this group (I played two sessions with a completely different character five years ago and that's it.)  Now we're leveling our characters up a lot, from 3 to 11, so that the DM can do the adventure he created before two of our group move out of town.  Once again I don't really know what I'm doing, though anyone else playing will be happy to help.  I do think I need to buy an appropriate miniature, I'm playing a dwarf and I keep being random other things depending on what we dig up.

- I had a dream last night about shopping for dresses and not being able to find anything I liked.  What I find most interesting about this was the mall I was in.  Because in my dreams, there is only one mall.  It's always the same, and not exactly like any mall I've ever visited - though it has pieces of places I've been.  Literally the stores are in the same places every time my dream self feels a need to shop, and that's not very often.  It seems strange to me.
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