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hazzards of running
Running down the road
I got up this morning and ran nine miles, and it was good.  The weather is overcast and occasionally raining so it sprinkled on me at the start and a few other times, and flat out rained on me for a mile somewhere in the middle.

Then there's the hazzard mentioned in the subject.  Along my running trail in the spring/early summer there are occasionally little clouds of flying gnat-like things.   They're usually from 4-7 feet off the ground (or right at face level) and they're annoying to run through.  On a clear day you can see them and step around, but today not so much.  Usually the rain would keep them away but given the stop-start of the weather I still ran through a few clouds of them today.

When I got home I took of my shoes, made my recovery drink, and then happened to glance in a mirror.  That is when I realized that today I was the death of one to two dozen gnats.  How did I know?  They were still STUCK TO MY FACE.

I had run through a cloud of them right after getting rained on, so apparently the extra wet acted a little bit like glue.  Ick.  I grabbed a paper towel to wipe myself off and pondered a few things.

-A few people on the second half of my run looked at me a little oddly today when I smiled and waved - now I know why.
-This is total vidication for my choice to always wear sunglasses when I run.  (I ran without them once and a buzzy something was around my face near my eyes.  I thought I had shooed it away but apparently I had killed it with a blink because when I got home there were small insect legs in my eyelashes.  True story.)
-I probably swallowed one or two, given how all over my face they were.  Which leads me to the question - how many calories are in a gnat?

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I'm sorry for supplying flashbacks. Ordinarily the gnat clouds are easier to see and I can just duck my head (I wear a baseball cap) and make it through.

Also - I love your icon.

Ha it's alright. Makes me appreciate my new theater more.

Thanks! I could not be any more excited for it to come out. The first time I saw the trailer, I actually punched my friend in the shoulder I was so excited. I'm also a little bit afraid they might mess it up but I'm really hoping they don't.

The trailer was awesome. I'm still a little concerned about how they're going to make that slight story into a movie, but I'm hopeful.

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