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hazzards of running
Running down the road
I got up this morning and ran nine miles, and it was good.  The weather is overcast and occasionally raining so it sprinkled on me at the start and a few other times, and flat out rained on me for a mile somewhere in the middle.

Then there's the hazzard mentioned in the subject.  Along my running trail in the spring/early summer there are occasionally little clouds of flying gnat-like things.   They're usually from 4-7 feet off the ground (or right at face level) and they're annoying to run through.  On a clear day you can see them and step around, but today not so much.  Usually the rain would keep them away but given the stop-start of the weather I still ran through a few clouds of them today.

When I got home I took of my shoes, made my recovery drink, and then happened to glance in a mirror.  That is when I realized that today I was the death of one to two dozen gnats.  How did I know?  They were still STUCK TO MY FACE.

I had run through a cloud of them right after getting rained on, so apparently the extra wet acted a little bit like glue.  Ick.  I grabbed a paper towel to wipe myself off and pondered a few things.

-A few people on the second half of my run looked at me a little oddly today when I smiled and waved - now I know why.
-This is total vidication for my choice to always wear sunglasses when I run.  (I ran without them once and a buzzy something was around my face near my eyes.  I thought I had shooed it away but apparently I had killed it with a blink because when I got home there were small insect legs in my eyelashes.  True story.)
-I probably swallowed one or two, given how all over my face they were.  Which leads me to the question - how many calories are in a gnat?

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I did a 12-mile hike today and during an uphill section our leader said the section we were in usually had swarms of gnats and people ended up inhaling them. Luckily, it was solidly cold, foggy and windy in Saratoga the whole time so we didn't have to worry about them, but I can imagine!

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