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Type your cut contents here  Firstly, let me say I really like this surgeon.  He is friendly, answered all of my questions, and has done this particular surgery many, many times.  All positive things.

So he looked over my chart and did his own quick ultrasound of my thyroid.  What it boils down to is that he is not as certain as my endo that surgery is immediately necessary, but also thinks it is a reasonable choice at this time.  He pointed out that an endo can be all gung ho but that surgeons tend to be more conservative since if there are any complications they rest on the surgeon's head.  Which makes sense.  

He also strongly recommended that if we did surgery I only get the right side removed. I had asked my endo about that possibility, but she thought it best to remove the entire thyroid, so that there'd be no chance of having to go back in.  The surgeon pointed out that the left side is in good shape (only two very small nodules), that if he needed to go back and take the left side out the incision would be in a different place, not through scar tissue (his words "if we're taking out just the right side I'm not going to go exploring").  Also the two major risk factors of a full thyroidectomy are nicking the parathyroid glands that regulate calcium or the nerve that goes to your vocal cords, but both of those things are paired right and left.  So if he only removes the right side the chance that he could cut anything on the left goes away entirely.

So I pondered for a while about what to do.  I realized that unlike last year I had been leaning toward the surgery after pondering everything  though it also sounds like I could find a more conservative endo and avoid the surgery.  But the chance that I am simply putting surgery off is large, and if I have to have surgery I'd just as soon do it now.  And a decision was made.

My surgery is scheduled for Thursday, May 28 at 9:30a.  We will only be removing the right side, which is a decision I am really happy with.  (I did ask the surgeon 'what if it is cancer' and he said we go back in and take out the left side.  But he also pointed out that I have had five benign biopsies on the right nodule, and it is highly unlikely for something to become cancerous.)  I will be spending the night in the hospital and taking it easy for a week.

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Eep. I hope your surgery goes well and you have a swift recovery! Maybe I'll come visit you that weekend.

Thanks for the good thoughts. I'll probably be at J's for most of the weekend - we'll see if I feel up to visitors.

I'm glad you like this doctor, that helps a lot. I hope everything goes okay and that your recovery is quick.

Yeah, his office staff was a little scattered and unorganized, but once I got into a room with him things were much better. Thanks for your good wishes.

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Thanks. It sounds like I could probably put this off for a while, but I may as well do it now while I can.

Also, I love your icon.

I'm glad this surgeon was experienced, was willing to answer all your questions and gave you the information you needed! It sounds like a good plan. Are you getting this done in SF? I'm senile, so I'll forget before the 28th, so please remind us so we can send prayers and positive vibes your way! *hugs*

I'll be getting it done at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, actually. At least it's close to home. Thanks for the pre-emptive good thoughts, and I'll post a reminder closer to the day. *hugs*

Warm fuzzies will be sent at the appropriate time. For now, I'm glad you're comfortable with the surgeon and the decision you made. *hugs*

Aw thanks so much. Yeah, it feels good to have this much decided. *hugs*

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I'm doing okay. It isn't quite so overwhelming because the endo brought up surgery last year and I had already done a lot of the research then, so these ideas had time to sink in for a while. I'm glad the decision is made, now I can get used to it.

*hugs* will keep my fingers crossed. would you like a chocolate care package?

Thanks so much. Hrmm, I don't think a chocolate care package will be necessary (but thanks) I've never been a chocolate person. Though I could use it to bribe my boyfriend into foot rubs I suppose.

thyroid nodule

If the nodule in the right thyroid is cystic, then PEI can shrink it instead of surgery

I hope all goes well. I really know nothing about any of this, but will only taking out half your thyroid mean you'll be able to reduce the amount of medication you'll have to be on?

Thanks so much.

Only taking out half the thyroid does change the medication amount, but not necessarily by exactly half. There is a chance that given the nodules on the right the left side has been doing most of the work all this time and I'll pop back to something more normal. In any case it means that medication isn't automatically required.

Good luck! And I'm really glad you like your doctor.

Thank you! And yeah if he hadn't been great I don't think this all would have moved quite this fast.

I worked, for ~ four year in new england, with a lady who had her thyroid removed. This is only vaguely related. I suppose i'm typing to reassure you that things will be ok.

I'll be thinking of, and will raise a glass.

Oh man, surgery is no fun but on the other hand you have got to do what you gotta do, and I hope it works out well for you.

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