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and.... race!
Running down the road
It was Bay to Breakers yesterday, the annual insanity disguised as a 12k run across San Francisco.  This is the sixth year in a row that I've run it.  About 30,000 people registered, but the counts of how many people were on the course are closer to 65,000.

First, it was seriously hot: 84 degrees at the start line at 8am.  In San Francisco in May.  Um, did someone cause Hell to freeze over and vent the remaining heat in Northern CA?  Crazy.  It was an extra relief to get to the finish because it's on the Great Highway right on the pacific coast, and the breeze off the ocean was awesome.

Second, the much ballyhooed crackdown on booze and nudity seems to have been at least partially successful.  I didn't see any obvious alcohol anywhere on the course (unlike two years ago when I was next to two guys pushing a tapped keg in a baby stroller at the start).   Though I may have gotten a contact high at the top of Hayes Street - whew.   However, I actually saw more naked people this year than last.  In fact, this year I even saw naked people worth seeing naked, and that is a true rarity.

I finished in 1:26:40, which is my fastest time yet for this race.  It felt a little like I ran a 4 mile warm up to a really great 3.4 mile race, there are so many people at the start it's hard to move really quickly and any momentum you have by mile 2 is killed by the Hayes St hill.  Officially I placed 7883rd, which is 2000ish spots higher than last year, even though I only went 40 or seconds faster.  Weird.

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Congrats on placing 2000 spots better! My cousin and I were trying to explain Bay to Breakers to out of town visitors and they were like, 'So some people run it...naked??' LOL.

Thanks! Yeah, BtoB is not an easy thing to explain to anyone. Though most of the naked people are walking not running, which makes for less bounce.

Wow, good job! I'm so impressed by people who can run.

On Saturday we had our annual marathon, called the bluenose. As always it was cold and rainny. In the past it's snowed. I'm sure our runners would have taken some of your heat, at least at the start.

Thanks so much!

I would have taken some of your cold and rainy - perhaps the weather could have met in the middle and made all of us happier.

(Deleted comment)

They've cut down on the 'public' alcohol a lot, but I'm sure the drinking stops are still there if I knew where to look.

Nice job, and good work improving your time! I can barely run a mile, so I'm very impressed with you :)

And, wow! Naked people you didn't mind seeing naked! That IS rare!

Aw, thanks!

Apparently several 20somethings decided to run/walk naked this year which changed the odds considerably (usually the naked people are all over 50).

Congrats! The heat was miserable. I managed to break an hour and beat Alison Ewing, my two personal goals. But that marine layer sure would have been nice.

Far fewer naked people from what I saw, too. And looking at the Panhandle yesterday, I think the carnage was far worse last year than it was this year. So I hope the pendulum can swing back a bit, and people can still have fun without leaving havoc in their wake.

The heat was nasty. Congrats on acheiving your two goals for the race!

Yeah, it seemed like the race was a better neighbor this year. Hopefully that will continue without losing the crazy.

Naked drunks running, eh? So, people treat it like a 12 kilometer streaking?

Well most of the naked people walk, less uncomfortable bouncing that way, but otherwise yes.

I guess that I have a lot to learn about the West Coast version of racing before my visit to San Francisco.

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