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things learned while moving

I am moving in slow stages.  We haven't found a new apartment yet, but I am still planning to be out of my place by June 15th.  I will be living at J's for the intermediate time.  J and I have a storage unit, and some of my stuff is going there, while some goes straight to his place.  My apartment is starting to look emptier, but not enough compared to how much I feel I've gotten done.  It is nice to have some time to move for a change - I've been taking a lot of stuff to Goodwill since I can pay attention to what I am packing and notice the things that I really don't need anymore.

My roomate is in his usual state of inertia about what he wants to do with the lease - officially he can't stay unless he signs a new solo lease, or he and I come to some agreement about his staying on with the current lease.  Gah.

other intriguing things:
1) Not all dressers have drawers that pull out.  (I put this Ikea dresser together six years ago, so I find this particularly annoying.)
2) Furniture that has been tasked to outdoor use, cannot be repurposed for indoors without a lot of work.
3) The two other people who lived in this apartment before us (well mostly the one) managed to leave a surprising amount of stuff here that six years later is all trash, whatever it may have been when they left.
4) I keep a lot of empty boxes - which is handy and all but moving a box of boxes is not something that even I will do.
5) Holy shit I own a lot of books and comics.
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