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after surgery
mirror girl  Rockwell
Yesterday morning the surgeon removed the right lobe of my thyroid.

They put the IV in the back of my hand because the veins in my left arm are way too small to hold a needle.

When I woke up the first thing I noticed was that I was incredibly thirsty.  The second thing I noticed was that the back of my neck and shoulders were sore, which seemed odd since that's not where they cut.

I drifted a little in the afternoon, but for the most part came out of the anesthesia with barely a fog at all.  They gave me vicodin for the pain, but it really only gave me a headache.

Being on an IV meant a nurse had to come in every time I needed to use the bathroom to unhook some things, which was a pain.

I saw the surgeon yesterday afternoon, and again this morning.  He commented that the surgery took a little longer than they thought it would because my thyroid sits high, and it was a little bigger than he thought (which helps validate this decision in general) and "it just didn't want to come out easy".  The back of my neck is sore because of the way they prop your head back so that your neck is a flat thing for them to work on (logical) and Dr. N said he was surprised more people don't complain about that.

I stayed overnight in the hospital mostly just for caution, if something goes wonky with a neck incision it's nasty.  But given the quality of sleep you get in a hospital - being woken for vital signs, people moving in the hallways, and nurses whispering to each other - I would have preferred to be home.

They let me out this morning and J took me home.  I finished a book, and took a nap, and have been catching up here.

At 3p I took the big gauze bandage off and saw the incision for the first time.  It still looks so raw and angry.  It's all underneath surgical tape that will stay on for the next week to ten days to help minimize the scar.  It's kind of shocking even though I knew it would be there, and it's probably going to take longer to fade than I think it will. 

I feel stiff from having been off my feet for a day and a half, and still sore from the surgery.  I find myself turning the whole top half of my body, instead of just my head to look at things or talk to people.  I feel more fragile than I thought I would.  Getting back to running in a week is not the same priority now that it was before the surgery.  (It's still important, but taking care of myself and being ready to run instead of just keeping to my schedule are suddenly the motivators.)  I feel mentally alert and am able to read with focus.  Mostly I feel like I had surgery yesterday, and I'm recovering really well in the short term, but the long term will be a little longer than I thought.

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Post-surgery is always weird, especially when you're knocked out. It's freaky.

I'm glad you're doing okay! Recover well! I'm actually in Belmont for the weekend; let me know if you want a visitor.

Glad to hear you're back among us and as well or better than expected!

I'm glad that you are mostly recovering well. I can tell you from experience that recovering from anesthesia can take awhile. I had back surgery years ago that lasted 4 hours, and it took months to feel fully back up to speed (of course, I also had other issues that you won't).

As for the scar, get some vitamin E to put on it. I keloid pretty badly, so for my surgery we specifically asked for stitches rather than staples, since that would heal better. But vitamin E is supposed to help a scar heal faster and better. I highly recommend it.

i second holly96, though it seems the new hot way to seal someone up is with the medical superglues; they leave less scarring where they work (J had a minor problem with the superglue not holding by his knee, which has made healing slow and the scarring more ugly-looking) my mum's trip-bypass looks really good, for example - way better than a heart surgery done in the 80's.
dunno which they used on you, but we have many best wishes for you! and i so hope you are back up to speed soon.

I'm really glad the surgery went well! *hugs* Btw, once the scar is less new and has healed over a little, you can get these cica-care gel sheets that will help minimize the scarring and prevent keloiding, etc. It's used after plastic surgery and for burn victims and really helps minimize the look of a scar.


It's not cheap,but it's doing a great job of shrinking my scar from when I got my IV port removed and also it's flattening it out as it was starting to keloid.

It's going to take awhile for those magical little surgical strips to fall off. I ended up cutting the ends off mine when they started flapping around too much for their own good ;) But yeah, the scar indeed does fade with time. I never used any Vitamin E. I don't think the average person can tell there's a scar there because it sits neatly in my neck crease.

Your neck is also going to be tender longer than you think. I couldn't fully turn the first month afterward, couldn't walk The Kidz (danger of pulling), couldn't lift anything heavier than a coffee mug. I stopped taking the Vicodin maybe 3-4 days afterward because stuff like that gives me the willies, but I really should have continued taking it, especially at bedtime.

I'm just hoping you don't acquire any calcium issues :shudder:

Sleep. Take it easy for the next few days. Enjoy being taken care of for a while.

Surgery, no matter what kind, always throws your body for a loop. Let it recover.

Good healing vibes are being sent your way!

Feel better soon! I'm glad it went well and I'm sure you'll bounce back quickly. *hugs*

I'm glad the sugery went well.

A couple of days of rest and reading sounds like a nice plan. When do you do start to run again, you'll probably bounce back really quickly.

Take care.

I am glad that you are doing as well as you are. Surgery is scary! Just take some time to recover and to take care of yourself. *gentle hugs*

I'm glad that everything went okay. I hope the long term recovery goes as well too.

Take care of yourself.


what can I do to help?

*careful hugs*

I'm glad to hear the surgery went well and I'm wishing you a very quick and complete and problem-free recovery.

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