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mirror girl  Rockwell
So this weekend I've been feeling better, still not 100% but not as breakable as I felt on Friday.  I've been for a walk every day, going a little farther every time.  I can turn my head to the left and right, though I'm still cautious about it, and the sore throat is nearly gone.  I am still taking a daily nap.  I forgot to grab my camera from my place yesterday, but I'll get it in a few days and take pictures.  I'm curious to track the evolution of the incision into the scar (ah, college makeup classes).

J and I went out to a movie yesterday, and it's interesting to watch people see the incision and stare for a second, and then look away.  I was half expecting a child at the theatre to pull the classic "Mommy, what happened to that lady's neck?" but no one did.  We had planned to see Up but I really want to see it in 3D and the line was huge so we went to Terminator: Salvation instead.  It's a decent action flick as long as you don't think about it too much afterwords.

What I find interesting are the various little things I've been noticing.  Like the fact that I usually tip my head back to kiss J since he's taller than me, and right now that pulls at the tape (I've been standing on my tiptoes instead).  Or how much you use your neck muscles in motions where they would seem to not be involved at all.

Also, J is awesome.  He is officially my person - we signed paperwork stating that if I am unable to make my own medical decisions he has the legal right to make them for me.  He has gone out of his way to get things for me over the weekend, from V neck t-shirts that don't rub against the tape to flowers.  He is cautious of my movement limitations but still making sure we get our full quota of hugs and kisses for each day.  I am not good about being vulnerable and the surgery took down more of my defenses than I expected, and J was there every step of the way to take care of me.  I don't know if I could have done this without him.

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Aw, J sounds fantastic. Glad you have someone so awesome to help you through this. And you sound like you are recovering a lot faster than I would be, but then- I am a wimp.

Hee... college makeup classes.

I'm grateful to be recovering this well - I think it's mostly because as of next week I have stuff to do.

Well I was a theatre student and they made all of us take the beginning makeup class. Otherwise I'm not certain photos of incisions would be appropriate. heh

Can't wait to see Up!! I'm glad you're starting to feel better and that J has been great for you :) :) :)

Your icon is adorable. Thanks for the happy thoughts!

Aw, I'm glad J is being so great and that you are letting him.

Keep feeling better!

and that you are letting him

Honestly, that was probably the hardest part. Thanks!

As Christian Bale would say: "Oh, good for you." Seriously, though, that is sweet.

Thanks - I am glad to be feeling better.

I think you got some shmoop on me.

Also, J is awesome. He is officially my person - we signed paperwork stating that if I am unable to make my own medical decisions he has the legal right to make them for me.

This just surpassed the high level of sweetness of that Vegas dino t-shirt story you told.

Good work! You have killed me dead of the sweetness!

Re: I think you got some shmoop on me.

Woot! Death of sweetness!

Talking about and signing that paperwork feels like the most intimate thing we've done, even more so than all the moving in talks we've been having.

Oh, and a little club soda should take that shmoop right out.

Edited at 2009-06-02 06:26 pm (UTC)

I have never seen the first two terminators (at least I think there are two). Me and my friends here in the area are having a watch party one weekend soon so that we can then all go out to see the movie in theaters. : )

Officially there are three terminator movies before the one in the theatres. However, I think you could just watch the first two and be fine, you'll understand the world and see the better movies (three just isn't that good imo).

i'm happy you are recovering well, and that J is there to lean on while you recover...getting surgery far from family is one of the scariest things i can think of.

Thanks for the good thoughts. It wasn't all that scary until I was at the hospital, then it was huge.

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