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30 in 30

So there is apparently a group that proposes the idea of posting 30 entries in the 30 days of June (one a day being the ideal, but not a requirement).  emo_snal had been talking it up and I expressed tentative interest, and then ended up on a list of people probably playing.  Since today is June 4 and this is my fourth entry of the month I figure what the hell?  Besides lists are never wrong.

If you're curious about the details more info can be found here.  The idea of posting daily appeals to me, especially since I have a lot going on in the month of June (with bonus medical stuff).  I'm not sure how well I'll do on the part where it should be interesting to someone who is wandering in out of the cold - but I'll try.


Today is pretty quiet.  I've spoken to the surgical nurse at the hospital
(Nurse: "Weren't you just here last week?" 
me: "yup" 
her:  "Well I'm guessing nothing has changed..." 
me:  "Other than the fact that last week I had surgery" 
her:  "Okay, then we don't need to go through all of this again - I'll just copy the data over from last week.  See you tomorrow.") and watched a movie.  I'm planning to head out for a long walk to the bookstore (with stops for ice cream and picking up a prescription on the way).  I figured I should take advantage of being able to get out before I go back to the beginning of recovery.  At least this time I have my camera here so I can take photos to document the healing from the beginning.


What are your favorite books to read and re-read?  Most of my comfort books are packed already (and J packed his books to start too) so I'm taking suggestions.  I'm making another stop tonight at the used bookstore (I don't like bringing brand new books to the hospital) and will need to stock up, in the last week I finished five books and started a sixth this morning.  Please, recommend away!

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