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mirror girl  Rockwell
More fun with words:  the surgery today officially was to "complete total thyroidectomy".  Which makes sense - I suppose they could have described it as having a left lobe thyroidectomy, but really that was all the thyroid I had left.


Coming out of the anesthesia was a little harder this time.  I was really warm and sweaty, and after I got up for the first time a little nauseous as well.  Apparently I looked really grey for a bit too.  They got me a lunch of clear liquids but I didn't finish very much of it.  I've spent the last few hours moving in and out of napping - the surgery being two hours earlier was nice in some ways, but I got a lot less sleep last night which probably didn't help.

I am feeling fully awake for the first time since going under which is nice.  I have a roomate who looks as though she'll be spending the night too.  J is once again being awesome (he has suggested that I begin a daily list of his awesomeness to share with everyone - heh).

I've already spoken to Dr. Naruns, he did remove the rest of my thyroid and a few lymph nodes.  I asked him how the incision had looked before he had to cut back in - doing a brief post-op discussion from last week to make sure that I had been taking care of myself properly and hadn't strained anything.  It looked really good - he said he felt bad about having to cut back in because after the second time the scar will likely not be quite as pretty.  Ah well.  At least I know I wasn't pushing anything with my recovery and know better what to expect this time.


I've been causing, and experiencing, a lot of deja vu today.  The same admin person checked me in, and the same nurse took my history (well, double checked that nothing had changed in a week).  I had the same anesthesiologist.  It's been interesting - most of them don't know why I'm back, only that I am.  So I've told the story a few times today, which still feels odd.  Honestly I don't feel like I should be able to claim to have cancer given how good the bad news has been.  Though I suppose two surgeries in eight days gets me some sympathy all on its own. 

Some things are different though.  This time the jello is green.


I feel like I should get a specific icon for talking about this - but this girl feels right:  looking at herself, hiding her neck, wondering what comes next.

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I'm glad things went well today. Do you know how long it will take for the pathology to come back on the lymph nodes they took out?

J sounds like a total keeper. That's so awesome that he's a really good care giver. Living with someone who isn't BLOWS. Trust me, I know.

Feel better soon!

Based on how long the pathology took from the first surgery I'm expecting to hear something on Wednesday.

J has been astonishing through all of this, and I am completely grateful for that. And yeah, this has cemented the part where I don't ever plan to let him go.

I'm glad things went well. You're in my thoughts and prayers, honey. I hope you have a smooth road to recovery. :)

i'm happy to hear everything is going well so far; it's great j is so amazing and i hope you rest up and heal well.

first time on LJ in months, so had no idea this was going on . . . I'm glad to hear you're doing ok!!!

Thanks for stopping by with good wishes. This has been a whirlwind, really all of this has come up in the last month. I hope you're doing well too.


All this drama came and went as quickly as the rain did this week. I'm glad that you're on the way to a healthy recovery and will be back on the jogging marathons soon. I'm also grateful to J for his sticking by your side. I hope that you get lots of rest, fun, and will never have to hear that particular big word again.

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