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mirror girl  Rockwell
I am getting back into the habit of taking pills daily.  This is something I've never been good at, my schedule is strange enough that it has been difficult to be consistent.  Taking something with a meal every day still results in a possible several hour swing.  And for the last two plus years, I haven't ever slept in the same place regularly (only my place or J's) but it's even harder to get a routine started.

This time I'm on cytomax (thyroid hormone) twice a day, and the surgeon recommended calcium supplements as well (which are just smart for a woman my age really).  Of course the tricky part is that the hormone dosages should be 12 hours apart, and ideally I shouldn't take calcium within four hours on either side of taking the hormone (it affects the absorption).  So I'm creating a new routine.

Right now I have an alarm set on my phone for 7am.  At that point I take the hormone pill I set in a shot glass by my bedside the night before, and go back to sleep.  At 1p I take the calcium, and at 7p I take the hormone again.

I can't plan too far into the future right now - I go back off the hormone in three weeks to get ready for the radiation - and after that I don't know if I'll still be on a two a day regimen.  I do want to work in some other supplements with the calcium at 1p - i really should be taking a multivitamin at least.  So it looks like I'll be setting several alarms on my phone and making pills a habit.  It'll be interesting to see how this goes.

Are there any supplements you take that you swear by?
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I was on levothyroxine right after I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's for one year so I remember the basics of that, and the side effects. I've never really been way off my levels (why I could go back off the hormone five years ago) so it'll be interesting to be pushed there on purpose in prep for the radiation. I suppose it'll be good because then I'll know what it feels like to be off and can raise a red flag with my endo earlier.

But, you know. Better than cancer.
This made me laugh out loud. Because yes. Duh.

I'm on levothyroxine 1x/day, which I take the first thing when I wake up. I then have to wait a minimum of a half hour before eating/drinking anything else. Before I go to work I have my AM regimine: calcium, calcitrol (the pill that helps my system absorb Vitamin D), the Vitamin D, general vitamin pill, the Zyrtec, and, if possible, alpha-lipoic acid along with acetyl-carnitine (sometimes we can get both in one pill) plus a coQ-10. The latter are primarily for brain function, something we discovered while we were taking care of my mother.

I take a calcium/vitamin D after every meal. It's a pain at work because I'm apt to forget to bring them with me into work rather than leave them out in the car. Given my what probably will be low calcium level forevermore, I'll have to take them every single day for the rest of my life :sigh:

Oh, and NEVER, ever forget to take your hormone pill. You'll have the demeanor/energy level of a wet dishrag for the entire day and won't want to eat, much less do anything else :shudder:

It was the half hour wait before eating/drinking anything that was always a pain for me, that's part of the reason I hit on just waking up to take it and then going back to sleep.

I'm going to need to get some kind of pill holder I think, that I simply attach to my hip everywhere I go.

It'll be interesting to need the pill, though I bet I won't really figure that out until the first day I forget it. Knowing something intellectually and feeling it are different things.

I found out the hard way -- I had forgotten that I had forgotten to take it one day, and couldn't figure out why I wanted to keel over whenever I moved. I then took The Kidz out for a walk and nearly went face-splat on the sidewalk because I couldn't summon the slightest amount of exertion to actually put one foot in front of the other :eek:

I'm terrible with pills and having any routine. I think routines are just difficult for me personally. I used to take synthroid everyday at night and I would get tested every 6 months. However, I forgot to take it half the time so I'm not really sure I was helping myself much there. I stopped going to the doctor when I moved/didn't have insurance anymore and I haven't been back. I think I'm going to need to though because I'm definitely starting to feel... not good.

Hope you're well and the routine works out. I read your other posts but didn't get a chance to comment. Everything seems a little bit scary. Hope the radiation goes well and that you're healing!

If you're starting to feel off, then it probably is time to get your levels checked again. I sucked at the pills last time too, so I'm trying to start better this time.

Thanks for the good thoughts. It's been a roller coaster so far, but I'm doing okay.

i take the Trader Joes multivitamin. seems to do me pretty well. not so good at taking it in accordance with the instructions, but at least i remember to take it...

Remembering to take it is easily half the battle. Do you have Trader Joes there, or do you bring them with you?

Oh, and Tam Lin was awesome. As a college theatre/literature major, I can't believe I hadn't ever read that book before now.

i buy them stateside and bring them with me. easiest way.

glad you liked the book! :) what will you read next?

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