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Monday night J and I went to see Up! in 3D. 

The first 15 minutes of the movie made me cry, and are as emotionally affecting as anything I've seen at the movies this year, animated or live-action.  And it sets up several simple moments with huge emotional pay offs before the movie is done.  The story itself is sweet, a little silly, and a lot of fun.  The 3D isn't eye-popping things coming at you, it just adds to the depth of the animation in lovely ways.

Go to see this movie, and see it in 3D if you can.  The two hours you spend will be worth the sweetness and joy you walk away with.
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AMC does do $6 movies before noon on weekends, remember.

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That's because Coraline was 3D! Up is too, but I don't think it's as essential to be seen in 3D since, if I heard correctly, it was sort of retrofitted for 3D once the craze hit as opposed to really being designed with 3D in mind.

It's a sad and lovely movie that makes you feel good about life and living it. Definitely worth it.

I've already seen it twice, I love it. Everyone who has seen it at the my theater has said that they cried in the first 15 minutes. It really just hits you hard. I was also surprised by how violent and twisted. It had a lot of depth for what is supposedly a movie for kids. Pixar just wows me everytime, except for Cars, which I still haven't seen. I just feel that I am going to be disappointed.

Looks like I will continue to avoid it then!

I just got back from it, and I agree! I saw it in 2D, but oh my God, the first 15 minutes, holy shit. That was amazingly well done.

Nobody has mentioned crying toward the end- was that just me? I need to see this again, and bring hubby. Thanks for the rec, it wasn't really on my radar before you mentioned it.

Nope I cried at the end too: the Ellie badge, the house? Forget it. Up is a movie I will need to own. I'm glad you liked it too.

When he started throwing the furniture out the door, I lost it (feel free to screen/delete this comment-- it's probably pretty spoileriffic!)

Oh, but the chairs he had carefully stood up in their usual relationship to each other? yeah, done for again.

And eh, this is five days old by now, I would be surprised if anyone catching up got this far down in the comments.

Jim and I went to see UP 3D last night. As we were walking into the theatre I was so intrigued by what is was that was going to make me cry after only 15 minutes, like you wrote in your post. But I did. And I cried again at the end. It was a really good movie. I would have liked to have not paid $28 for two of us to go see it, but I wasn't disappointed.

I'm glad you liked it. Sadly 3d in the bay area is expensive, but in this case worth it.

I want to hear honeymoon stories at some point.

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